Give hope this Christmas

Will you give a gift of safety, education, and a future to children in persecuted families?



Hope is home.

Fifteen-year-old Valentina is home for Christmas. It’s been a year since she’s seen her parents, so it’s special.

But Valentina’s joy will be short-lived.

Soon, this shy teenager will travel for 15 hours to the Open Doors Children’s Centre in Colombia, where she lives and goes to school. Why? Because it’s too dangerous for her to stay.

Valentina will leave her family soon to go to school at a safer place

This Christmas, children around the world will suffer because of persecution. It’s harsh, isolating and it shapes their lives. In 84% of countries where persecution is most acute, children are separated from their parents.

It’s up to you and me – people who care about our persecuted family – to help.
At home in the Colombian mountains, Valentina is at risk of sexual assault, trafficking and forced marriage. She’s a key target because her father is a church leader.

But with your support, Valentina can have a future. “I’ve always understood that everything in life has a purpose,” she says.

This Christmas, you can protect and provide for persecuted children, and strengthen their faith. You can bring hope home.

Today, if you are able, will you give hope to persecuted children this Christmas? 
Every HK$290 provides a month’s education to two children impacted by persecution. 

Every HK$400 supports a child at the Colombia Children’s Centre, giving safety, education and a future. 

Every HK$510 gives Bibles to ten children, so they can know Jesus through Scripture.

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Thank you very much and may the Lord bless you abundantly.
*Any excess funds from this appeal will be used to support vital long term work for Christians facing high levels of persecution.