See hidden persecution

Sahar endured intense persecution behind closed doors in Iran. Women like her need your support.



Persecution of Christian women is hidden, will you see it?

If you’d met Sahar in Iran, you’d see a strong woman. Resilient. Capable.

You’d never know that, behind closed doors, Sahar endured intense persecution – all because she dared to follow Jesus.
Sahar was driven from home when her husband discovered her faith. She was forced to leave her children, which broke her heart. “Everything was taken from me,” said Sahar.

Millions of women like Sahar suffer persecution which is hidden from the outside world.

But you see it. And when we see persecution and believe change is possible, women are empowered.

Sahar was imprisoned in Iran for her church activities – and when she was released, the family fled to Turkey. Now, she ministers to other women who’ve converted to Christianity from Islam. “I am by their side to pray with them, consult them and comfort them,” she said. Read Sahar's story

But it’s only possible with your support.

Women around the world, suffering hidden persecution, need to be seen, heard and equipped to reach their God-given potential. Your gifts and prayers are vital.

Open Doors works with persecuted women like Sahar everywhere, to teach them about their new identity in Christ, provide discipleship and leadership training , and run income-generating projects so women can be financially independent. This is what we want and hope to continue doing with your support.

Today, if you are able, will you see hidden persecution and support women like Sahar? 
Every HK$235 provides three persecuted women with a Bible in her language. 
Every HK$355 helps a woman or girl receive trauma care so she can heal and realize her God-given identity and worth. 
Every HK$470 trains four women to withstand persecution with courage and confidence.

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*Any excess funds from this appeal will be used to support vital long term work for Christians facing high levels of persecution.

She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me.”
GENESIS 16:13a