mocked. beaten. unshaken.

Help ensure India's Christians remain unshaken in their faith



Mehr* lay unconscious in the street, injured and covered in blood, following a brutal assault. Later, in the hospital, doctors refused to treat her. Mehr knew the perpetrators but no one was arrested. 

All this happened, because she follows Jesus…

In India, Christians are attacked on all sides. This is the world’s largest democracy – yet persecution is violent, targeted and carefully orchestrated.  

Believers need you when persecution shakes their world. With your prayers and support, their faith remains unshakeable.  

After the attack, through Open Doors local church partners, Mehr received help with hospital bills and groceries. Today, she and her family continue to receive vital support.  

Because of people like you, Mehr’s faith is defiant, courageous, and unshaken. “God’s plan for my life is big and I will be used for his glory,” she says. “Jesus Christ is everything to me.”

*Name changed for reasons of security

Will you help India’s Christians remain unshaken in faith by praying and, if you are able, by giving today? 
Every HKD 580 could give a persecuted Christian a loan and training, so they can open a small business and support their family.

Every HKD 820 could provide emergency food, medicine and shelter to four believers in India affected by persecution.

Every HKD 980 could train 20 believers, equipping them with a biblical response to persecution.

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Thank you for being a channel of blessing and may God richly bless you.
Your gift no matter the amount, will go a long way and will make a great impact in the lives of persecuted believers.
*Any excess funds from this appeal will be used to support vital long term work for Christians facing high levels of persecution.

Everyone who suffers for his faith in Christ has the right to assistance from that part of the body that Christ has blessed with liberty, knowledge and resources.
- Brother Andrew