Image: Pastor Jean and Pierre shake hands with the Muslim leaders

“Market square” is too big a word for the dusty, sandy roadside Muslims and Christians share to buy and sell products. Big (real big) chunks of raw meat, still recognizable as cows, are packed out in the heat on wooden tables. Flies are allowed their portion as well. Pastors Pierre and Jean pay for about half a kilo of meat which is sliced from the hind quarter of the carcass. The butcher, a Muslim, is all smiles as he receives the payment.

This peaceful coexistence between Christians and Muslims in Boda is a miracle that came about only recently. Previously, there was mostly hatred.

For generations, both Muslims and Christians lived in Boda, Central African Republic. In 2012, Muslim Seleka forces conquered almost the entire country and some of the Muslims in Boda joined them. They murdered, plundered and destroyed. In 2014, Seleka was forced to retreat, but the Muslims of Boda stayed behind, dreading the day the local Christians and Animists would surely take revenge. In 2014, Open Doors organized a seminar on reconciliation for pastors there. Our message inspired Pastors Pierre and Jean to take a big step of faith—trying to reconcile with the Muslims.


Image: Children in Boda

“After we asked God to bless our offer of peace, we walked into the Muslim quarter and made peace.”  The story of what the two pastors had done spread like a wildfire through the town. Not everybody was amused, and they had many hearts on both sides to conquer. They did that by starting a small market. Slowly the peace started eroding hatred in many people’s hearts.


Image: Jean and Pierre with other members of the religious platform


  1. Thank the Lord for the opportunity to make a difference in the community of Boda in this way. Pray that the reconciliation will be duplicated elsewhere in the country.
  2. Please pray for peace to be restored in CAR. Violence still occurs in most of the country. Pray for the Church to continue to play an extraordinary role and be an example in promoting peace.
  3. Pray for the government and all who are assisting them in their efforts to establish authority throughout the country. Pray for good accountability.
  4. Pray that the Lord will continue to build His Kingdome in CAR and that many will come to faith in Him.