Image: Iranian Family on a Motor Cycle

Imagine you are a parent and live in Iran. You get to know Christ and give your heart to him. It turns your life upside down. You are totally in love with Christ, even though you realize very well that this new love might end you up in prison one day. While you’re growing in your relationship with Christ, you wonder: “How am I going to tell my children?” Recently, parents Ardashir and Yalda were faced with this dilemma.  

A Nowruz celebration in Iran. Friends and family are gathered to celebrate the Persian New Year and good food is shared with laughter. Ardashir* and his wife Yalda* leave the room unnoticed while their six-year-old daughter Nooshin is playing with their nephew.

Only a few months ago Ardashir and his wife became Christians, and on this special day they want to have some fellowship with other believers. “Happy New Year,” they say when their phone shows the faces of their relatives abroad who led them to Christ.

Praying for guidance
“We are the only Christians here,” they whisper, “we haven’t even told Nooshin yet that we have become Christians. We don’t really know how.” “Pray about it,” their relatives reply. “The Lord will lead you.”

Soon after, the group of friends and family leave for a Nowruz holiday in Turkey. In the plane Ardashir and Yalda pray for their little one. They also pray for themselves. They already have one Bible, but to study together at the same time, they would really like to have an extra Bible. “If it is your will,” they pray.

The holiday is wonderful and Ardashir and Yalda enjoy themselves with their family and friends, but they haven’t forgotten about their prayer. One day they go for a walk together and take a rest on a bench when they suddenly notice a strange package. A Bible in Persian and a Jesus film for children. They thank the Lord in silence.


Image: Iranian schoolgirls

Jesus film
When the family returns home, little Nooshin notices something in her parents’ luggage. “A film for children? Daddy, can I watch it please?” Ardashir looks at his wife. She nods. He puts the DVD in the player while his daughter makes herself comfortable at the couch.

When the character of Jesus is introduced, Nooshin starts smiling. She loves him. The whole movie she is fascinated while watching the stories. When it’s finished Nooshin starts to question her parents about the wonderful Jesus she has seen in the film. “I am often scared, but now I feel at ease with this Jesus. Is He real? Is he really with me all the time?” Then, for the first time, Ardashir and Yalda share the gospel with the little girl they love most in the world.

Then, what Ardashir and Yalda didn’t dare to do themselves is done without shame by their daughter. She tells her Muslim grandparents about Jesus and convinces them to watch the Jesus film with her. Ardashir and Yalda hear about it when they come to pick Nooshin up. “Who is this Jesus?” the grandparents ask openly. Ardashir and Yalda smile. The Lord works in mysterious ways. From now on they will start praying for their own parents. And they have experienced prayer is powerful.

*Name changed for security reasons


Please pray with Nooshin that her grandparents will get to know her new friend and give their lives to Him as well. We also pray for the Ardashir family to gain strength from the Lord’s Word to face the challenges ahead.