Baptism of Algerian believer

Greetings from North Africa, also on behalf of church leaders and members of the Body of Christ from the Muslim background.

The MBB-church in the Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia (but also in Mauretania and Libya) is under very serious pressure from inside and outside. And we learn more and more, that important causes lie in the division among church leaders, power-plays, money-chasing and money being offered by outsiders. The result of all this: a lost view on taking care of the flock.

The encouraging thing we witness at the other hand, is that young MBB leaders step up to the plate and are strong in caring for new and young believers, advancing the Gospel and being serious about Biblical teaching and leadership.

As you understand, this all leads to tensions, stress and a loss of energy. In the midst of that, we see a government like the Algerian one, in one way or another, stepping into this situation and increasing the pressure by closing down churches rapidly.

Notification at door of Full Gospel Church in Tizi Ouzou, Algeria which was closed by authorities on 15 October 2019.


At one hand, we see this as a crisis. At the other hand – as we are learning from the Bible and in our Dangerous Faith Course: a Church being smashed, leads to new opportunities for the Holy Spirit and the Gospel. Beyond this reality, lies the future of the Church. Though this might sound strange.

We are asking you to join us and the Church in North Africa in prayer. There is a lot of pain, stress, confusion and concern. The faith is under pressure. But young leaders also see opportunities to become stronger and be more meaningful than ever for societies in darkness!


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