Image: Secret Believers Gather for Baptism

Eighteen secret believers partook their first holy communion after baptism during one rainy day in South Asia. It poured so heavy that, instead of complaining, the pastor actually praised God because it provided much needed security from the prying eyes of their Muslim neighbours.

The evangelist, who had shared the Gospel with them. He was brimming with joy for God had answered his dream of seeing his people come to faith in Jesus.

These are people whose own country have rejected them for being born into an ethnic and religious minority group. And so, a few years ago, they crossed the raging seas to a neighbouring country in search of a better life.

Yet in the new land, the government half-heartedly accepted them. Until today they must contend with life in refugee camps with limited basic infrastructure like electricity or clean water. When some of them turned to Christ, again they were shunned away by their own community. Throughout their lives, they knew nothing but a constant state of being unwanted by the world.

But Christ wants them. And on that day, as the new believers took turns receiving water baptism, they finally understood that they belonged to a spiritual family who love and welcome them, and are committed to nurture their faith and well-being. “You now enter a new family: The Body of Christ,” preached the pastor before the believers partook their first Holy Communion.

Despite being to prison for the ministry, was the joy it brings him. He said, “This family of ours is growing in numbers. It gives me great joy when God adds to our numbers and whenever we gather together to read the Bible and worship God. My dream is for more of us to know Christ.”

“Please pray for us that we can continue to live and grow together, despite the persecution. Pray also for our children that they can go to school and we have a place to stay, which we can call home,” he says, when asked on how we could pray for him.