Image: Skyline of Almaty the largest city in Kazakhstan

Sunday service at a church in Kazakhstan was marred by a raid by the State Religious committee. This officially registered church only had one problem – there were many children and teenagers attending the service without their parents. Sometimes parents leave their children in the church, leave for a while and then come to pick their children up. According to state law, children cannot visit churches without their parents or trustees until they are 18 years old.

The committee workers checked all the children and found out that many of them were without accompanying grown-ups. As a result, the church was fined 118 000 Tenge (about US$360). This is how the new law starts to work in the new year.

Please, pray for the safety of Kazakh churches, as well as for Kazakh authorities not to oppress Christians.


2018 World Watch List – Kazakhstan ranks no. 28.

Source of persecution: Dictatorial paranoia / Islamic oppression

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