Image: The daily life of House (Secret) Church in Central Asia

Sister Aisha* (she is about 60 years old) from the remote area was called to police and questioned, policemen threatened her to imprison for “illegal religious activity”.

The Aisha’s house was searched by police and they found only old Bible, she could hide other Christian stuff like audio sermons, Christian films, books. Now she can’t hold meetings in her house because police watch her.

The case is that one of the women – her neighbor, who visited her group during several months, steal the new Bible from her house and brought it to the police and tell everything that happening in her house – prayer and worship meetings, children groups (children came there from the whole district in her village).

Please pray for Aisha’s health – she has diabetes and her blood sugar increasing because of all these stresses, pray for her emotional and spiritual condition, pray for people who are a part of her home group – now they have no opportunity to meet. Pray for her children group.

*Name changed for security reason


Turkmenistan is 19 on the Open Doors 2017 World Watch List.

Source of Persecution: Dictatorial paranoia