Boys have a discussion in the shade of a tree in southern Chad

Boko Haram attacks outside of Nigeria are increasing, notably in southern Niger, south-western Chad and northern Cameroon. We have just received a prayer call for the Christian community in the Bol area of south-western Chad.

Field team members report that on Aug 13 a female suicide bomber hid in a kitchen in the compound of the traditional head of a village southwest of the town of Bol. Around 1 AM on Aug 14, she came out of her hiding place, made a big noise and when people investigated, detonated her explosives. At least 6 people died, including the chief, four of his guards and a soldier. Four soldiers were injured.

Although none of the victims were Christians, the attack is a source of concern for the local Church facing an already tense security situation in the Lac province. 

“This situation is worrying to all because there are nearby localities where there are prayer cells and this incident is further traumatizing. They are already living in perpetual fear,” a local Christian told OD.

“We don’t really know what these people (BH) want,” a church leader in nearby Bagasola remarked. “As soon as the military seems to lower its guard a little, they attack. Each day that God has created, we ask ourselves where they will strike next. We live in a state of panic, and just keep praying that indeed God would bring an end to this situation.” Bagasola is hosting several people displaced in the increasing Boko Haram attacks in the islands of the Lac province.

A church elder in Bol told OD, “Christians are afraid, I tell you, even here in Bol. It seems some Boko Haram elements have infiltrated the town and rumours are rife that Bol is the next target. This really worries us. We live here in Lac by faith and we can only count on God and prayers.”

Another Bol church elder agreed that the Aug 14 attack embossed fear in their town. “People no longer go to the weekly market in Bol which often meets on Wednesdays. Last Wednesday, security checks in the market were beefed up. The city of Bol was full of security forces. We hear the attackers plan to descend on churches and mosques. Most of the Christians here are not mature in their faith. Because of this rumour, many Christians are beginning to withdraw from churches“.

The past few years living under the constant tension of attacks and rumours of attacks have constituted a major challenge to the church and its growth in this area.


  • “Pray for God to continue to protect us and the population in general.”
  • “Pray for God to comfort the bereaved families, as well as grant speedy healing to the injured.”
  • “Pray for the church leaders in the province. They are few and it is difficult for them to continue ministry under these uncertainties.”
  • Open Doors works to encourage the Body of Christ by helping them prepare for persecution, enhancing discipleship, facilitating economic empowerment and promoting care for new believers. Pray for the Lord’s protection over teams and wisdom in encouraging these believers facing these uncertainties. Pray that our effort will glorify God and encourage Christians in the knowledge that they have not been abandoned by the Lord or by the worldwide Body of Christ.


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