Image: 50 Young Women from Hurting Realities Meet to Be Encouraged, Healed And Strengthened. 

For Christian women in Pakistan, discrimination, verbal abuse and sexual harassment are daily realities. Physical threats, assault, kidnapping, rape are always possibilities.

Only people who have been through these experiences will understand the impact that has on your life. If the Pakistani women had a hashtag, it would be: #OfcourseMeToo.

Open Doors’ sponsors projects of ALIVE (a network of local churches) that give education and pastoral care to young, hurt women all over Pakistan.

“On this picture I took we see how girls and students are led in a time of ministry through bible reading, prayer and counseling”, says an ALIVE worker. “Fifty young women from hurting realities meet to be encouraged, healed and strengthened.

Please pray for the teachers, counselors and mentors that they have the spirit of discernment as they walk a fragile road with fragile lives. Pray that they will see God fortify these lives for the glory of God.”