OD worker recently visited Central African Republic and had the opportunity to visit Jeovani, Dieu Fera and Steven – three boys OD has been involved with since 2013 when they were seriously injured in an attack on their church.

Jeovani will never become a good soccer player. He lost both his legs when a grenade exploded in his church. In his country in Africa there was a fight a few years ago when Muslim people wanted to chase away the government. The Muslims said that the government didn’t take care of them.

One Sunday, extremist Muslims fired three grenades at the church. One grenade fell exactly where Jeovani was sitting. He lost both legs. Two of his friends (Steven and Dieu Fera) also lost one leg each when the other grenades exploded where they sat on the other side of the church.

Steven and Dieu Fera running like the wind. Open Doors has been involved in the lives of these three survivors through presence ministry, providing prostheses and paying for school fees.



Jeovani is still sad when he thinks about his legs. That is why his mother has hidden old photos of him when he still had his legs. But Jeovani is not angry. He hopes that one day he can meet the Muslim man who shot the grenades. He wants to tell that man that he has forgiven him for firing his grenades at the church.

Steven is also learning to live without his leg. “I forgive them for shooting the grenades, because they didn’t know what they were doing. It was very bad what they did, but I can’t get angry. It is wrong for me to pick stones and throw them at the heads of their children. It is better for us to play together as friends.”

Playing soccer.


The boys are doing well. Because they are growing so fast at the moment, each of them has to receive a new prosthesis for their legs about twice a year. Each replacement is made possible thanks to your support. The boys remain brave, joining in sports at school. Spiritually, they are also doing well, continuing to attend church and still expressing forgiveness towards their attackers.

Jeovani looking at some of the cards he received.


Jeovani said: “All the cards that you see on the table in front of me are cards and letters that were sent to me by friends all over the world. They tell me that they love me and will pray for me and my family. That is why I often read the cards, again and again. I want to thank everybody who has written a card to me. You are all my friends.”


  • Thank God for helping the three boys to forgive the people that attacked their church.
  • Pray that God will help them manage well without their legs and also give them what they need to go forward in life.
  • Thank God that Steven and Dieu Fera are very good at playing soccer, and that Jeovani can study very well.
  • Thank God that they are proud boys and that they are laughing often with their friends. Ask God to help these boys to stay happy now that they grow older.


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