Unwavering Faith in God, God’s Miraculous Presence, and God’s Generous Grace

2015 was said to be the most cruel year that the modern church history had ever known. Our hearts could have been filled with fear and despair, if we did not fully understand that all along, almighty God had been doing His unimaginable work in the midst of severest persecution.

Last year over 7000 Christians were martyred for their faith. (3000 more than 2014). The reason is their “unwavering faith”. In order to earn their “tickets to heaven” the persecutors are ready to behead Christians anytime. However, they would rather “convert” than to “kill” because this way, they will gain one more follower of Allah. The persecution kill Christians when they refuse to give up they’re faith in spite of threat on their lives. What hope do those 7000 martyrs bring to us?

A Pastor of Iraq named Andrew White, adopted hundreds of spiritual children. One day six of them around ten year old had to face the choice to die or to recant their faith.

Pastor White said with tears in his eyes: ‘I gave them wooden crosses I brought back from Holy Land, and taught them to follow Jesus at all cost. Thank God, that day He gave them “unwavering faith”. They embraced death rather than abandon their faith. I am so proud of them’

One morning, Pastor Edward from Damascus, Syria, witnessed dead bodies (including many children) filling the streets on his way to the church. Horrible sounds of blaring guns struck awful fear and despair in people’s hearts.

However, as he entered the church, his heart was overtaken by God’s strong presence in the midst of hellish darkness immediately casting out all fears. At the same time, 150 Christian refugees experienced the same heavenly peace which came from God’s undeniable presence. Pastor Edward refused to leave Syria because of God’s miraculous presence.

A Christian sister in North Korea labor camp was promoted by the Holy Spirit to give away her life sustaining food to the unbelieving cellmate. At first, she refused, but eventually she surrendered to God. The unsaved cellmate was so moved by her generosity that she decided to follow Jesus. Holy Spirit, then guided her to share the Gospel with other cell mates. She argued with God that such an act will surely bring death. God assured her safety because He will guide her “to whom” and “when” to witness. Soon she was leading a secret Bible study group within the labor camp,. Thank God for His generous grace, which shines through severest poverty and sadness.


Many say that 2015 was the most cruel year. However, it was also a year of an unprecedented harvest. May God grant each one of us “unwavering faith”, “miraculous presence” and “generous grace” as we follow Jesus at all cost through this dark age with severe persecution.

Wishing you all A Blessed New Year!