Image:Mosque in Morocco

Christians in Morocco request prayer for Mohammed Saeed Zao, a Christian who survived an assassination attempt on the night of Friday 4th November. Mohammed is well-known because of his promotion of the rights of Christians, and has featured in many media interviews about comparative religion and religious freedom.

When he arrived at his apartment block in Casablanca on Friday night, a man with a sword / long knife came out of a nearby car and tried to stab him. Mohammed was able to open the entrance door and protect himself behind it. One newspaper has reported that the man shouted threats at Mohammed before leaving the scene.
Monday 7th November Mohammed went to report the incident to the police. However, it is understood that the police have refused to register a report, calling Mohammed a “trouble-maker”.
Please pray:
a. that Mohammed will know the comfort of Jesus and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit as he tries to deal with the situation b. for Mohammed’s protection, that there will be no further attempts to kill him now that the police have refused to deal with the case c. for religious freedom in Morocco d. for unity throughout the Christian community in Morocco, and good co-operation between the different churches in the country
Source: Middle East Concern