Image: Chatting men in the streets of Bukhara, Uzbekistan (image used for illustrative purposes)

Pray for brother Arsan*. He is a missionary in one of Central Asian countries. The situation in the country is very hard – all Christians have to hide their faith, especially MBBs, they could be killed for their faith by radicals or even by their Muslim community. They also face persecution from authorities.

During last week Arsan was summoned to security services twice and questioned about his activity, names of people who he visit there, places where they usually meet. He was warned that they won’t let him spread Christianity in their country. If not he would be arrested and deported.

Now the missionary and his family (wife and three children) are under watching of State security services and he is praying about wisdom from God how to continue his ministry there. Please, pray for Arsan, his family – for the opportunity to continue his ministry there, as people in that country really need. Pray for his security, for local believers.

*Name changed for security reasons