Image: Christians displaced by DRC violence

“I will not leave you as orphans; I will come to you.” (John 14:18)

Pray for Toby, 13, from troubled North Kivu province of the Democratic Republic of Congo where the Islamic radical Allied Defence Forces (ADF) has been wreaking havoc among the mostly Christian population.

In June 2015, Toby and his parents travelled to visit his grandparents. That same day suspected ADF rebels attacked the village and set fire to several homes. They took several people hostage, including Toby and his parents.

Together with the other captives they were led to the forest in the midst of the Virunga National Park near the town of Oicha, in North Kivu. Toby, his parents and all the captives were kept under close watch. Anyone who tried to flee was slaughtered. Whosoever was found loitering around the road leading to Oicha was immediately taken for a rule-breaker and killed.

Unfortunately this happened to Toby’s mother one day and Toby was forced to watch as they brutally murdered her. Until today he continues to have nightmares about the gory scene.

One day, Toby’s father was no longer there either. Toby thought he had been killed, but his father managed to flee. One day, God made a way for Toby to get away too. “I stayed to the back of the group as they moved around. Normally, this was not allowed. When I realized that the group had gone ahead without me, I hid in the bush. About two hours later I fled in the opposite direction.”

Toby eventually made it to a village near a national army camp where a nurse recognized him and took him back to his father. Toby was so thankful to be reunited with his father, but since had to move because his father is so traumatized by his time with the brutal rebels, he is unable to look after his son.

A local pastor, Joseph, has taken him in. Toby has since dedicated his life to Christ and continues to fellowship at Pastor Joseph’s church. He is also back in school. But it is a struggle for the young man to come to grips with the trauma sustained during his captivity. He has a lot of hatred in his heart towards his captors specifically and Muslims generally.

He is in desperate need of prayer.

  • Thank God for setting Toby free from his captors.
  • Please pray that Toby will grow spiritually. Please also pray that the Lord will heal him emotionally after all the killings he witnessed. Pray for the Lord to be at work in his heart and dislodge the hatred towards his captors and Muslims in general.
  • Please pray for Toby’s father’s complete healing and physical restoration, so that he can once more be fully reunited with his son.
  • Pray for the many other children, who, like Toby affected by the ADF militant activity. Pray that the Lord will free those who remain captive, heal those, like Toby, who have been in their den and protect all those who are at risk of being taken. Pray for an end to the ADF terror in the DRC.