Image: Christian Church burned in Kyrgyzstan

For last couple of years they broke a roof of a church, then smashed windows and finally burned it; what’s next? Islamic radicals left a small Christian congregation without place for meetings.

In south part of Kyrgyzstan – Issyk-kul region Kajisay town couple of days ago there burned local House of prayer which belongs to the Baptist Christian Church. It is a small baptist church which consists of about 40 church members. The congregation is a mix of Kyrgyz and Russian people.

Local Christians lost a place for prayer and worship meetings – now they are searching for another place for Sunday services, Bible study, Sunday school and other meetings, which is currently their main need and prayer request as well. One more urgent prayer need of our brothers and sisters in Christ is for their safety – nobody knows what would be the next step of those who burned the church.

Image: Another robbed Christian church in July 2017. Local Muslim radicals broke into Christian church at night, robbed it, broke furniture and left letterings on the walls and windows – “Don’t teach our children”

The members of the church faced persecution and threats for a long time already, especially Kyrgyz MBBs. As the pastor shared with OD: “We constantly received the threats from local Muslims during last several years, one day somebody broke our slate roof, then we changed it into metal one. Another day we found our windows smashed. Now the radicals set the arso”.

The similar case occurred in another place of Kyrgyzstan in Tokmak town in July 2017 when unknown people broke into the building, robbed the church, broke furniture and left letterings with threats like: “We will kill you”, “Don’t teach our children”, “Allah”. That time police also started investigation, but didn’t find vandals.

Kyrgyz TV and Radio told about the incident in Kajisay and this news created a great public outcry. Police started investigation and the main version of the incident is arson. As they said: “Obviously, it is arson and organized by those who don’t like your church and Christianity in the midst of Muslim country”. But strange – they don’t search for those who set the arson; the main things police want to find out – who gave money for purchase the building, how many Kyrgyz people are members of the church and why do they visit Christian church instead of Mosque as ethnical Muslims.  One of the local Christians shared with OD: “We don’t believe that the police would find and punish those who burned our church, but anyway we bless those people and pray for them. God knows who was it.”

Interesting facts that you can notice on photos – even though the fire burned the building, several items didn’t burn out – the Bible, the piano and the roof too. It looks like some moment the fire stopped somehow – the pastor said these three facts look like miracle, taking into account that nobody extinguished the fire, as it was late night.

Dear heavenly Father, comfort the hearts of the brothers and sisters. May they know that you have not abandoned them, for you are the sovereign Lord. Prepare a place for them, Lord, and may their hearts be strengthened against the threats. May they be united and glorify Your name in the midst of difficulties. Amen!