This mission-worker couple, both in their 60s, have been sharing the Gospel to the Unreached People Groups in Asia for decades. The man has gone through 7 heart attacks, his wife 6 surgeries, and they’ve endured multiple death threats–yet they will continue sharing Gospel ’till God take them ‘home’. “ (Image used for illustrative purposes)

We recently received a report from our partner working among an unreached people group living as foreigners in a country in Asia. They were distributing tracts and bible portions as well as sharing the gospel message to them in a public place from morning to evening. They reported that large number of them had come to listen to the entire message with curiosity from the balconies and top of the buildings on the streets.

Our partner reported, “The people were very open to receive the literatures. Almost everyone took them from the team. The team was so blessed by your amazing prayer and financial support. I am so blessed by your heart and generous partnership to make this wonderful outreach happen successfully. Thank you so much for your great investment for these people to come to Jesus!”

They requested for our continued prayers. Please pray:

  • for God to bring people who can teach the language of these UPGs to the evangelists who are committed to reach them for Christ;
  • for God to change whatever biasness they have towards Christians and Christianity;
  • for new strategies and approaches to reach them effectively;
  • for God to mobilize more people to fast and pray for this people regularly;
  • for boldness and courage to share Gospel appropriately and relevantly; and
  • for more training for our team to be equipped to do God’s work.


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