Wife of Ps. Raymond, Susanna Koh, talking with supporters at a candlelight vigil for Pastor Raymond Koh @2017 March

It’s been over a year since Christian pastor Raymond Koh was kidnapped in broad daylight in by at least 15 masked men. The incident, caught on CCTV, showed him being bundled out of his car, after being ambushed by men driving a black 4×4 vehicle, and carried away. Raymond’s vehicle was also taken and has not been found.

Video footage of the abduction in broad daylight was shared widely and shocked the nation. But there’s still no word as to his whereabouts.


In January, after little or no progress in police investigations, Malaysia’s newest Inspector General of Police informed the Human Rights Commission conducting the inquiry that a man was being charged with his kidnap. This meant that the Commission had to halt its investigations because the law states that an inquiry must cease when court proceedings against a suspect are activated.

Koh’s wife, Susanna Liew, 61, said the family was ‘crushed’ by this decision but continues to show support for the wife of Amri Che Mat, a Muslim activist who also disappeared under the same circumstances.

On 13 February, to mark one year since Raymond Koh was kidnapped, churches and believers from different denominations organised a prayer event to remember him and show ongoing support for the family.

Susanna said, “Our lives have been different since he has been gone. We miss him so much. He was our spiritual director. He would spend a lot of time praying, taking prayer walks. He would also memorise huge portions of Scriptures. He would share with me what he learned.”

She also shared the difficulties that the family is going through, making her sometimes angry, not with God, but with the police for the way they handled the case. On other days, she feels encouraged by Christian brothers and sisters – even people she does not know – reaching out to her. She is touched by it all. “I am grateful to Jesus, who is our Good Shepherd. I have this picture of Psalm 23 in my mind, when the psalmist says he has no lack. The Lord has provided for us and continues to be with us, as He is with Raymond. Though I do not know why this has happened, I believe that God will work it out for the good of those who love Him.”

Malaysia Ranks no.23 in the World Watch List. Malaysia’s image of being the world’s role model as a liberal and tolerant Islamic country has been fading over the years.


  • That God will work it out for good and that He will draw close to Raymond and Amre Che Mat during this time
  • For God to give strength to Susanna and the family and that they will continue to walk with Jesus through this time of testing
  • For justice to be done and for the safe return of the men to their families.