Christian women small group discussion in Nuba Mountains

As the sun beat down on the powdery, red soil of the Nuba Mountains, about one hundred women, including Seida Nuri*, piled into the church. The heat was suffocating, but the women did not mind. They had walked miles and spent hours on open vehicles to come here and share in the rare opportunity for wider fellowship and encouragement, things they needed desperately.

Seida Nuri is a widow in her 50s. She decided to leave Islam and follow Christ many years ago. A few years after her conversion, she married Peter, also a Christian. “We were a happy couple and had a good life together. God gave us some children. ” However, when the war broke out in 2011, he joined the army. “One day I received the news that he had been killed in battle.” The news was devastating to the entire family. It became a big struggle to raise her kids alone. A few years later, her oldest son decided to move to a government controlled area. “I don’t know whether he is alive or dead. I lost my husband and now also my son. Sometimes I ask myself why this happened to me.”

Seida’s family is using her vulnerability to try and get her to return to Islam, they assured her that they are ready to help as soon as she is willing to renounce Christ. When she refused, they told her, “Let your people help you then.”

With what little resource they have, her church has been doing their best. OD support has been a great help to them. After the small group discussions, the women gathered once more to share in the bigger group what they have learned. Some of the groups presented a short play to show how the Lord intervened in their trouble as encouragement to one another.

“It was good to pray for each other and share our concerns,” says Seida about the event. “I am determined to continue trusting the Lord, even if things are uncertain. The stories I heard from other ladies strengthened me to carry on. Please pray for me and all of us in the Nuba Mountains.”

  • Please pray for my spiritual life. I want to grow spiritually and know God more. I want to serve God.
  • Please also pray for God’s provision in my needs.
  • Pray for peace in our land and that God would intervene in the injustices the people of Nuba face.
  • Thank the Lord for the faithfulness of church leaders in this area. Pray that the Lord will continue to give wisdom and courage to continue their amazing work.”

*Name changed for security reason


Sudan ranks no.6 in the WORLD WATCH LIST. Source of persecution: Islamic oppression / Dictatorial Paranoia / Organized corruption and crime.

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