Quang* threatened; house burned by villagers because of following Christ

Imagine being a believer somewhere remote but people in your community isolate and despise you for it.

Imagine people threatens and hinders you from going to church because you follow Christ.

Imagine you worked hard the whole day and went home only to find out that your house was burnt to ashes.

This was the dilemma of Quang*, a believer from a hotspot province in northern Vietnam and he asks you to pray with him withstand this trial.

It was May 29, 2019 when Quang’s family went to the farm to toil their land in preparation for the rice planting season. After a long day in the field, the family went home and found out that their house is no longer there. Witnesses told them that some people from their village put their home ablaze while they were away. Aside from their house, 2 tons of rice owned by the church where Quang and his family attend were also burned. 

Grains of rice left after the fire at Quang’s house. This is a portion of the church’s rice stored at Quang’s house.

In Quang’s church culture, they would cultivate their lands and plant rice whole year round. A portion of their harvest will be given to the church as a tithe. These tons of rice are usually stored at church members’ houses and when time comes, shared to members who run short of food.

The total damage cost more than 75,000,000 VND (approx. 3,400USD). Quang has already reported the incident to the local authorities but they did not hear any response. Quang’s family are yet to build a temporary shelter.

Prior to the arson incident, some families from Quang’s village has already threatened Quang’s family to stop following Christ and worshipping God in their village or they will be chased out of the village. There were also times when these villagers would come to his house and hinder them from going to church.

Quang suspects that these villagers knew that the church kept some of the rice in his house which was the reason for setting their house on fire.


  • Pray for Quang, his family, and his church to face and overcome this trial together.
  • Pray that this incident will strengthening the faith not just of Quang but also the other believers in the area.
  • Pray that the Lord will provide everything needed to rebuild the house of Quang and He may fill the storehouse of Quang and of the church.
  • Pray that the Lord will bring justice to those who caused this heartbreaking incident according to his mercy and grace.

*Name changed for security

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