Burned down house of a church leader on January 20, 2017

“I have never had peace in my village because the local authority and my community persecute me because they are opposed with my belief,” says Tou* a believer from northern Laos suffering from oppression for almost a decade now.

Series of ill treatments were set against Tou and his family after a Christian believer from his village was given a non-Buddhist-animist burial rites by the family. When the village chief, elders and committee of the village learned about the ceremony being arranged, the family was warned not to do any ritual related to Jesus as it is forbidden but the family pushed through with it. The non-believing villagers saw what they were doing who then attacked and started beating the Christian believers who were there including Tou. “Christianity has no meaning and Christians are useless. You have no value even when you die,” they were told.

After that incident on the same month, Tou was also mistreated by the villagers. In a series of incidents November last year, his rice barn was burnt, his tractor used for ploughing his rice field was destroyed, and his house in the field was also pierced through the roof. Tou reported these incidents to the village chief but his case was ignored as he had no evidences to present, according to the chief.

Just a day after reporting the incidents, his wife Manilay* was beaten by a man she asked why people hate them for being Christians and why they are not being helped. The man became angry and asked her to be silent about it but she was then hit on the head twice while holding her baby. A neighbor nearby who saw the incident even shouted, “Beat her! Hit her! It would be good if she dies!”

The man who beat her also threatened her, “I will knock down every one who believes in Jesus. I will kill them because they are meaningless and has no value!”

Another child of Tou and Manilay was also hit on the head with an iron wheel of a motorbike.

“I wish the government will help us and solve this problem. I have been suffering with this kind of treatment for eight years already.”

Last month, through the help of local contacts, Open Doors was able to extend financial help to Tou’s family as well as literacy materials for his house church and children who are being unfairly treated in schools by not giving them equal benefits compared to others whose parents are non-Christians.

Laos ranks no.19 in the WORLD WATCH LIST.

*Name changed for security purposes. 


  • Pray that the Lord will continue to protect every believer in Tou’s village and they will continue to hold on to God in every good or bad circumstance.
  • Pray that the Lord will continue to strengthen the faith and obedience of Tou and his family to the Lord. May they stay true and committed to their calling and even more devoted to reach out to those who persecute them.
  • Pray that the Lord will send people for them to bless them either in practical or spiritual ways.


Open Doors supports the persecuted church in Laos through:

  • Christian literature distribution
  • Leadership training
  • Discipleship programmes
  • Practical aid

To Stand With Them

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