“Educate a man and you educate an individual. Educate a woman and you educate a family.”
-Arthur Shearly Cripps

“I am the pastor’s wife and I have been helping my husband in his ministry for more than 2 decades now. But being illiterate and unable to read the bible, it never occurred to me that I would be able to preach in the church and teach others from the Bible.” Dechen*, a pastor’s wife, shares. “Then I started learning literacy skills in Nepali which helped me to read and understand the Bible.”

In the course of over 5 years, Open Doors partners in Bhutan have successfully completed the Women Leader’s Training of Trainers workshop for 8 women from its network churches. This is the first ever batch of women formally trained in a complete leadership course. From being shy and illiterate, more and more Christian women of Bhutan are standing up, speaking up, and leading more and more people to Jesus Christ.


Local Christian worker Bidhya* shares: “It was overwhelming to hear so many women echo the same voice saying how the training has helped each one of them to stand up and preach in a congregation. Most of them had no confidence and never saw themselves as potential instruments in the hands of God. Some of them even wish for such trainings for men and the young people in the church.”

“After attending this women’s training, I learned so many new skills of reading the Bible, mediating upon God’s word and how a woman of God can also teach others. The lessons I have learned from the 12 modules of the training has helped me to share the Word of God with so many people. It has taught me how to understand the scriptures and share with others. Now, I preach in the women’s meeting, church and different places I visit encouraging my fellow sisters to grow in the Lord. I have been able to do this only because of what I learned from the trainings. I even teach from the training manual I have learned from.”


Jampa* shares how the training has also given her confidence: “As I have heard from the other participants, I can also relate to their expressions when they say the training has given them so much confidence to stand up and share the gospel with others. I have heard and learned so many new things from the Bible regarding women which I never heard of before. Through the trainings, I learnt that as women, we are also in a position to teach others. This has really enabled me to stand up as a woman leader.”


“We come from the village and we were never exposed to such trainings in our lives,” says Rina*. “It was challenging to understand certain concepts, but it was very much insightful. We are also grateful that through these trainings, we had the opportunity to visit new places and see the world beyond our borders.”

Maytho*, another participant shares how the training has helped not only in expanding her horizons, but also in her family life: “Earlier, I didn’t share a very good relationship with my husband. We used to fight a lot and I didn’t have much respect for him. But through these trainings, I have learned my place as a wife and a helper to my husband. I respect him and now we have a very peaceful relationship. I have learned so much more from reading the Bible and understanding my position as the woman of God.”


  • Praise God for His amazing work among the women of Bhutan! Continue to lift them up in prayer as they minister to their families and lead more people to God’s truth.
  • Lift up the next batches of women to undergo this training, that the Lord would prepare them, and that their families would be supportive of their desire to learn.

*Name changed for security reason

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