So Moses cried out to the LORD, “Please, God, heal her!” (Numbers 12:13)


Since it was first detected on the 12th December last year, the Novel Coronavirus, which Chinese authorities say originated from a live animal market in the city of Wuhan in central China, has infected over 17,000 people in China, and has claimed more than 360 lives (include Hong Kong). The virus has spread across China’s provinces and has been detected in other countries.

Please pray for China and Hong Kong as authorities deal with this frightening new challenge.
Pray that Christians act as beacons of peace and comfort to others at this time.

Some Chinese churches have posted prayers asking God to forgive the Chinese nation for their sin, pride and helplessness. They ask God to have mercy on those infected with the corona virus and for wisdom and empathy for the doctors, nurses, and medical experts. They also pray that the Chinese Government will show exceptional leadership, transparency and partnership with the international community to find solutions for the outbreak.

Thank God for the opportunity for China’s Christians to lead the nation to pray for Divine intervention.

Pray that the work of the Lord won’t be hindered too much. Also pray for people who are sick, that the Lord will heal them.


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