Old man in the streets of Damascus

Please pray for Syria in this time of corona. As big parts of the world are paralyzed because of the corona virus, the virus is not (yet) confirmed in Syria. The Syrians fears for the worst, when the virus would also enter that country. Pray that the virus can be stopped of infecting the country that is still in war.

Elias*, one of the Syrian staff of our partner organization explains why Syria is extra vulnerable right now. “For years many Syrians were not able to consume healthy food. Doctors in Syria see that many more are vulnerable for the seasonal diseases because of this. This gives makes the people more vulnerable for corona.”

Besides there is a lack of access to hygiene items and clean drinking water. In the bigger cities there is a huge air pollution because of the many generators that need to produce electricity. During the war many young persons and families fled Syria to other countries, so there is a high percentage of elderly. Elderly run the highest risk to die because of the disease and in case they would fall ill, they have often no one to take care of them.

Because of the pressure of war, many older Syrians have developed cardiac problems, diabetes or problems with their blood pressure. These chronic diseases make them extra vulnerable. According to Elias there isn’t sufficient equipment available in Syria to identify the virus. The health-system itself, the clinics and hospitals, are also badly affected by the war.

Please pray for Syria, pray that the measures to check people who enter the country, prevent the virus from ‘traveling’ into the country. Pray also for the many Syrians in refugee camps and for the refugees stuck between the Turkish and Greek border.

*Name changed for security reasons.

Syria ranks no.11 in the WORLD WATCH LIST


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