Rami’s Father (Rami was helped by Income Generating Project with a loan for a grocery shop which help him to feed his family and dream again.)

In this new Coronavirus crisis, one of the Syrian staff of our partner organization explains why Syria is more vulnerable right now. “For years many Syrians were not able to consume healthy food. Doctors in Syria see that many more are vulnerable for the seasonal diseases because of this. This makes the people more vulnerable to corona.” In addition to this recent threat, there are other things we need to pray for our brothers and sister in Syria.

1.  Recently the Syrian authorities began to reject permission for several training activities our local partner wants to organize. Three trainings were cancelled and at least six were rescheduled. This means that right now it is difficult to do our work in the way we would like to. Pray that God will intervene in this and pray that the team will be guided when they need to choose alternatives.

2.  Pray for the economic situation to improve in Syria, for the government to take serious actions to empower the Syrian pound. The currency inflation is burdening citizens and the prices are shooting up following the dollar price, but people’s income stays the same.

3.  Thank God for the 20 centers of hope in Syria that were functioning last year. Pray that the churches will overcome the social, denominational, financial and governmental difficulties to continue to function as a center of hope for needy people.

4.  Thank God for implementing 152 income-generating projects during 2019 in Syria. Pray for wisdom for the Syrian team this year to identify the need of where to start more Centers of Hope and know how to deal with proposals of the churches.

Sister Annie, OD first partnering with her since the war. Now we are partnering with two Center of Hope, one in Damascus and another one in Maaloula


5.  “We need to be filled by the Holy Spirit, especially men of God who are pastors, priests and fathers. We pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us and give us strength and wisdom, to bring us all together as one, so we can spread the word of God according to his will,” pastor Rami Tobji says. Please pray for church leaders who are filled by the Holy Spirit and who search for unity.

6.  Pray for honest traffic police officers in Syria. When people with connections don’t follow the rules, they bribe the officers and can get around without being punished. The rules are only applied to the poor and honest. Pray for a change to the corrupt attitude of officials of the law enforcement departments.

7.  Pray for unity between the churches in Syria, that they act as one in the face of persecution to help people and direct them towards Jesus’ love.

8.  “We were kicked out of our homes by extremist Islamic troops, and they killed my brother,” says Walid Tanous, man in his 50s from Al Kessab, crying as he tells his story. “Our village is abandoned, pray for us to be able to go back to our homes and lands rather that living in rental apartments.” Pray for displaced families to go back to their homes safely.

Destruction in Aleppo


9.  Thank God for the ongoing rehabilitation projects that our partner organization is doing in Syria. Pray that these projects will be perfectly executed and reach the expected outcome of reviving destroyed Christian villages.

10.  Thank God for winterization aid that was distributed last month. “Thankfully it is saving many families from the cold,” says Nazira, who is responsible for displaced families in Hassaka. “Pray for the coming month to be warm especially for people who are living in tents in camps.”

11.  Pray for the new branch of the Center of Hope of the Nazarene church of Latakia. Manager Samer says: “We are planning to start a new branch that will include a new village. We will visit the village every weekend to support the children with education courses and spiritual activities. Pray that the Lord will protect us and give us his wisdom in dealing with those kids, and the ability to introduce them to Jesus the Savior.”

12.  After a cease-fire agreement between Russia and Turkey was violated in Idlib, 36,000 people fled their homes according to Anadolu Agency and headed towards the border. Pray for the military actions to stop and for peace in the conflicting zones.

Apologetics conference, leadership training of Syrian Christians


13.  A series of trainings was implemented for youth leaders in Syria. It consisted of 3 levels. “The first one is the “My life has a meaning” program which is psychological and helps teenagers to open up about their inner feelings. The second is the “Know him” program which aims to introduce teenagers to God and his loving character. The third is “It’s Possible” which is very practical and aims to challenge teenagers to practice their faith, says Judy, one of the leaders. “We have around 12 participants and 4 of them are from a Muslim background.” Pray for the experience to be rewarding and fruitful in the lives of those teenagers, and for it to bring them closer to God.

Syria ranks no.11 in the WORLD WATCH LIST


In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors supports the church in Syria through:

  • Bible and Christian literature distribution
  • Biblical, discipleship, and leadership training
  • Socio-economic development
  • Rehabilitation programmes for displaced Christians
  • Emergency aid relief


Open Doors’ goal is to “strengthen what remains and is about to die” (Rev 3:2). Your PRAYER and DONATION is valuable to our persecuted brothers and sisters.

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