Ayaan has a small roadside café in Nairobi’s densely populated and Muslim-dominated Kiamaiko settlement. “My café was attacked and vandalized by our Muslim neighbors last year during Ramadan. I was heartbroken and afraid I would not be able to support my children,” says the single mother of four.

“They broke my utensils, tables and benches, stole my gas cooker, food and money. My future looked bleak, we strained to live. But my faith in God kept me hopeful, I knew the Lord would fight for me. Months later, I used my savings to start again and business picked up. We had food to eat and my children could return to school.”

The café is small. Ayaan boils water outside on the sidewalk using a wood stove. The street is bustling with cars and pedestrians despite the precautionary measures implemented by the Kenyan government to curb the spread of COVID-19.

She cannot read, and coronavirus restrictions have shut down worship services for now. So, “I gather my children every Sunday morning for house church,” Ayanna says. “We sing and my children read from our Bible, we use this time to encourage each other.”

Ayaan has a special message for our supporters, “To mothers and guardians out there, you are doing a good job! May your children grow in the light of God, happy Mother’s Day.”



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