Top view of a road scene early morning in Hanoi City, Vietnam.

For almost a year now, Giang* and his wife have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. And while Vietnam was on lockdown in the past months due to COVID-19 pandemic, the couple took it as an opportunity to share the gospel to Giang’s parents, to their relatives, and to some of the villagers, but it was met with resistance from them.  

On May 4th, furious relatives and villagers went to their house and demanded them to deny Christ or they will be forced to leave the village and will be renounced as members of their respective families. The couple tried to explain God’s goodness and how their lives have changed because of Christ but the villagers went hysterical and shouted at them to immediately leave the village.  

Now Giang, together with his wife and three children are taking shelter at a church member’s house in another village. Their family and the villagers did not allow to take away anything with them except for the clothes they were wearing on that day. Their parents have also severed ties them and already denied them as members of the family. 

It is the community’s intention for Giang’s family to go hungry and needy and eventually plea to them to take them back in the old village. And when this time comes, the villagers will be able to say and do whatever they please towards Giang’s family.


  • Pray for Giang, his wife and his three children that God will provide them with whatever they need especially during this time of crisis. May the Lord continue to use the members of the church as channel of blessings for Giang’s
  • Pray for their parents, relatives and the villagers that they too will encounter God in their lives and that the seed that has already been planted in them will grow in God’s perfect time.
  • Pray for Open Doors local partners as they assess the situation of Giang’s 

*Names changed for security reasons. 



  • Vietnam is the first among Southeast Asian countries to ease rigid controls and strict movements of people after no deaths were reported due to coronavirus. On April 23, the country started lifting the lockdown of the entire country except for certain areas in major cities like Hanoi.
  • Vietnam has a population of more than 90 million people. According to its health ministry, a total of 180,067 testing were carried out for coronavirus disease where only 268 came out positive with more than 80 per cent of recovery and zero deaths.
  • International flights are still suspended in the country but domestic flights have already resumed in limited frequency with strict observance of physical distancing measures.
  • Open Doors local partners in Vietnam have also resumed visiting persecuted churches in certain parts of the country and are re-assessing the PC’s situation after the outbreak. Pray for God’s protection and travelling mercies as they go to different places. Pray as well for creativity and the Lord’s wisdom as they carry out their agenda.



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