Ijanada’s daughter, Warasini, is about one year old. She and her older brother, Luka, were conceived during Ijanada’s nearly four-year Boko Haram captivity.

At 14, Ijanada was only a child when she was kidnapped during an attack on her town. She was enslaved and at some point, married off. “I got pregnant and (a while) after giving birth to my son, became pregnant again… I faced so much suffering, hunger, maltreatment and pain.”

One night in 2018, while Ijanada was about two months pregnant with her daughter, she escaped. “I took Luka and started running into the forest without turning back! I kept running throughout the night.” She came across a soldier who helped her and, four months later, she was reunited with her family. They welcomed her back with gladness.

Ijanada lovingly holds Warasini in the air.


Ijanada gave birth to her daughter three months later and named her Warasini, meaning, “I never thought I would get back home”.

But the community was not kind to her. They mocked Ijanada and kept her children at a distance. Ijanada is determined to undo their damage, by showering her children with love.

Open Doors trauma care program in Nigeria helps her to be free from bitterness caused by what she has been through.

“I didn’t understand the importance of forgiveness, but now I do, and I have let those feelings go. To everyone who supported this program, I want to say thank you. May God continue to open doors for you. May God continue to grant you wisdom to reach out to many others.”


Every HK$540 could provide trauma care and long term spiritual healing for a Nigerian woman who has suffered violent persecution.

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