Uzbekistan police controls the streets during Covid-19

Pray for the Christian couple who with their children and some relatives were left on the street.  Mahmad* and his family converted 2 years, when they were working in another neighboring country. Before the pandemic, Mahmad and his wife Ariza* and one of their children came to their native country to change their passports, and 2 more children were left with relatives in the country where they worked. They planned to be back in several weeks, but having made a passport, they could not return because of the lockdown, so they didn’t see their two children for 5 months already.

Now there is a very strict quarantine in his native country and there is no job and no opportunity to earn for living. About two weeks ago Mahmad and Ariza with several relatives went to the capital city because they were promised a job. When they arrived, the man, who promised them to a job did not contact them and they were left on the street in the capital city -12 people with children.

For 10 days they have been living on the street and sleeping on the ground. There are small children who are also sleeping on the ground with them and all of the children are ill because of conditions. Hospitals are overcrowded and do not accept the children. Ariza has a painful tumor on her head, probably because they slept on the street.

We as Open doors are working now to help our brothers and sisters with their housing and to find a job. Authorities don’t care about such people, unfortunately.

PLEASE, PRAY for the group of Christians left on the street, for the housing of these people, pray for the children – for their health and opportunity to be accepted in a hospital, pray for the chance to find a job, pray for the opportunity for Mahmad and Ariza to return to the country where their 2 children are still with relatives.

*Name changed for security reasons


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