It’s always important to try to visualize the limited space and opportunities available for a Christian family that lives in one of rural Egypt’s villages. In most cases, it’s one small room in which the family of humans live side by side with birds and animals they grow for food and income.

We need to try to imagine how life is like for such a family; how scarce are resources for them, and how way far are they from decent and comfortable life. We also need to understand the implications of their Christian faith on their daily life. The more we understand, sense and even smell the atmosphere in which many of the Christian families in these rural areas live, the more we can stand in their shoes, commit to pray for them and support them.

The more we spend efforts to understand their situation, their limitations and the constant pressure they face on daily basis because of need and persecution, the more we come to realize how vital, valuable and impactful will our involvement of support be to strengthen them in their tough journey as Christian families living in rural Egypt, facing oppression by a radicalized Muslim society.

The amazing fact, though, when you get to meet with one of those Christian families and visit them in their simple homes, they receive you with a big smiling face, a generous heart and a hopeful spirit.

What a miracle! Only this is the one who can make this miracle happen.

Egypt  World Watch List  Rank #21
Please join us in prayer!


Open Doors in Egypt

In cooperation with local partners and churches, Open Doors supports the church in Egypt through:

  • Equipping and training of believers
  • Bible and Christian literature distribution
  • Literacy classes
  • Socio-economic development
  • Widow’s ministry


  • That God will provide for believers who were kicked out of their homes for leaving Islam, and that the Holy Spirit will comfort them
  • For Christians to entrust their situation to God
  • Pray that God would bring the leaders of Islamic extremist groups to Christ.