Again, we didn’t receive good news about a married woman, who got in trouble because she became a Christian.

A year ago, Diliana* came to faith after hearing the Gospel through an evangelist, supported by Open Doors. She has a husband and 4 young children (3 boys and 1 girl). They live very poorly. Diliana’s husband is often working far from home and is usually travelling a lot.

After she became a Christian, we helped her in every way we could, with food and spiritual materials. Her husband also accepted the food and did not ask who it was who helped them. But more recently he saw the Bible in the local language and other spiritual materials that we gave to Diliana. He became angry and ripped it all up and threw it in the trash can.

He started to beat Diliana very badly. Because of the beating she had three days headaches and was wounded. He did forbid her from going to the hospital. He now is staying more in their home to control her and started to drink and is scolding and hitting her. We really worry about her life now!

Just like Diliana, many women are suffering from their unbelieving husbands. Please pray for the many women who are stuck in their home situation. As Open Doors we make sure women becomes part of a women’s network who support each other. In the case of Diliana we invest if it’s possible to bring her and her children to a safe house.

Find out Christian persecution in Central Asia.

*Name changed for security reasons


  • Please support us in prayer so that the Lord will keep her alive.
  • Pray that her husband will change his bad habit and will accept her faith and will become a believer.
  • Pray for strength, courage, and faith for Diliana.



Every HK$400 could give a Bible to three believers from a country where Christians face extreme persecution.

Every HK$550 could give biblical training to a believer in the underground church.

Every HK$700 could provide food, medicine and shelter for a believer fleeing extreme persecution.