13 Prayer Points For Syria

Rami’s Father (Rami was helped by Income Generating Project with a loan for a grocery shop which help him to feed his family and dream again.) In this new Coronavirus crisis, one of the Syrian staff of our partner organization explains why Syria is more vulnerable...

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How to Stay Sane in Times of Isolation

It’s true: being quarantined in your own home because of the coronavirus isn’t the same as being imprisoned for your faith. Yet, it’s still a form of isolation and we can learn from those who experienced a far more severe form for a much longer period. Here are seven...

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Prayer From an Egyptian Christian

It is not the first worldwide crisis, and it is not going to be the last, either! This is what the Bible tells us. Jesus had announced it clearly when he spoke with His disciples: 'I've spoken these words to you, so that you may be in peace. In the world you will have...

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