Urgent help for Syria

Conflict is escalating in northern Syria. Turkish troops are attacking Kurdish-led forces and some 40,000 to 50,000 Christians are caught up in the crisis. Your Christian family needs your support and prayers right now.

Open Doors’ local church partners are already on the ground, distributing food, medical help and winter fuel to desperately vulnerable Christians. They’ve been present, bringing hope, throughout the war. Right now, they’re responding to immediate needs and they urgently need your support.

Every HK$350 could provide a vital emergency relief pack for a family in Syria that will enable them to survive for a month.

“We are deeply concerned for all those fleeing for their lives,” says Open Doors’ Field Director. “The Christians have even more to fear: not just the fighting but the freedom that extremists will have as the situation unravels.

“They need their global church family to rise up in prayer and stand with them for the long term.”

Give to Open Doors’ Syria Emergency Appeal.

*Your gift will be used as a priority in immediate response and longterm support for affected believers.
When the project is fully funded, excess funds will go to where most needed.

Send Bibles and food to persecuted Christians

Over our years of ministry, we see a common lack of two necessities for persecuted Christians around the world: food and the Word of God.

The Bible tells us that, “man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Deuteronomy 8:3)

However, there are hundreds of thousands of believers worldwide who do not have enough food (and other basic necessities) or a copy of the Bible, or both.

Just like us, these Christians need to be fed physically and spiritually, so that they can be strong witnesses for Christ in their communities.

John* was one of the first children in Vietnam to receive a children’s Bible that was printed with the support of Open Doors. Now a teenager, he still remembers how he used to read the Bible every morning. “Every morning, I woke up and read the Bible. It gave me a knowledge of the Word. It led me to learn how I can pray, how I can talk to my friends about God.”

Will you provide physical and spiritual sustenance to our persecuted brothers and sisters today?

You will be feeding the bodies and souls of Christians who suffer for their faith in Christ.

In Northern Nigeria, whole villages have been destroyed and adult Christian men killed by Muslim extremists, leaving behind destitute survivors. A Nigerian pastor told us that, “there is a clear need for more widows and youths to get loans… With the micro loans, persecuted believers are able to generate their own income through trade or farm produce.”

Every HK$50 can put a Bible in the hands of a believer.
Every HK$400 can enable a persecuted Christian to earn a living by starting a small business.

*Please also note that when the project is fully funded, your donation will go to where most needed.

Change Their Story

You are probably aware of the persecution against Christians in many parts of the world. But did you know that Christian women are two times more susceptible to persecution because of their gender?

Young Christian girls in rural Egypt are abducted by Muslim extremists, and then forced to convert to Islam and marry much older Muslim men. They may also face sexual harassment from their Muslim employers at work, even rape.

When these events have happened, the girls are too ashamed to seek help from anyone, and many have chosen to die rather than live with the shame.

We want to change these stories of shame and tragedy into stories of strength and victory in Christ.

Will you join us in changing the stories of persecuted Christian women, and give to support them?

Your gift will enable us to hold trauma counselling workshops for those who have experienced violence, provide a safe and encouraging space for women to share and grow together, provide necessities to widows, as well as train them to minister to other women.

Thank you for your support! This project is now fully funded. You can also donate to where most needed or to other projects. 


With the release of the 2019 World Watch List, it is clear that persecuted Christians are facing unprecedented pressure for their faith, and the need is greater than ever.

There was a great famine in North Korea in the 1990s. Today, the situation has not changed much. Even though food can be bought on the black market, it is too expensive for normal citizens to afford. There are sthousands of Christians living in North Korea suffering now from both hunger and persecution for their faith.

“Please do not reduce the amount of food you send us,” church leaders tell us. “You don’t know what it is like to go hungry.”

Will you consider giving regularly to the persecuted church?

You can help us to provide continuous support to the persecuted church worldwide like in North Korea.