Will you show Christians in North Korea and other countries where persecution is extreme that they are:





What if being a Christian meant you lost your home, your family, your freedom or even your life?

Christians from countries like North Korea, India and Iran know what it means to follow Jesus no matter the cost. They face extreme persecution every day, simply for their faith.

Will you show them that they are not alone, not forgotten, not ever?


North Korea has been rated the most dangerous place in the world to be a Christian for the 20th year running. The Open Doors World Watch List 2021 shows that extreme persecution is rising across the world.

We’re not powerless. Far from it. Every time you give, every time you pray, every time you act in support of your persecuted family, you’re bringing a secret believer hope in their darkest hour. Your lifetime of commitment is encouraging them in their lifetime of following Jesus too.

Please give and pray today.

  • Every HK$400 could give a Bible to three believers from a country where Christians face extreme persecution.
  • Every HK$550 could give biblical training to a believer in the underground church.
  • Every HK$700 could provide food, medicine and shelter for a North Korean believer fleeing extreme persecution.

You’ll never know the names of the secret believers you help, but they will know that you love them.

Thank you and may God richly bless you!

The Syrian Church has faced war, persecution - now pandemic.


Nothing stops the church. Not war. Not persecution. Not even Covid-19 pandemic. But none of this is possible without prayer or the support of the worldwide Christian family.

Pastor George has seen it all. The extremist ideology of Islamic State of Syria. The invasion of the Turkish army. Persecution and poverty driving thousands of Christians to leave their country.

The Syrian church has been shrinking in size, yet growing in strength. New believers from a Muslim background have been risking everything to follow Jesus and join the church.

Sadly, the pandemic has left these courageous new believers even more vulnerable. Cut off from their families for choosing a new faith, they no longer have a safety net for support.

That’s why Open Doors is helping churches like George’s become Centres of Hope across the Middle East. The church is a great support network. There in the heart of the local community, supported by a global family.

  • Every HK$470 could provide a monthly food relief pack for a persecuted family in Syria.
  • Every HK$600 could contribute to medical care for a believer in Syria.
  • Every HK$710 could provide a kit of winter clothes and blankets to help a family survive the upcoming winter.

“Everyone who suffers for his faith in Christ has the right to assistance from that part of the body that Christ has blessed with liberty, knowledge and resources.” – Brother Andrew


Christians urgently need food and aid during Covid-19

Persecuted believers isolated by COVID-19 lock-down need your help.

Discrimination is widespread in distribution of aid. Countless stories have reached us of Christians being overlooked or left out.

Covid-19 lockdown stopped life as we know it. But it didn’t stop persecution for Christians in Africa.

Rose lost her husband in April when the Fulani attacked her village. She lost her livelihood when the government locked down her region (Read Rose’s story). Rose tells us:

“We were happy when government announced food aid for the poor.  But we were left out. We received none of that food.”

Every HK$500 could provide a month’s relief supplies of food and soap for a family in Africa – as well as other emergency needs such as rent or medicine.

Open Doors has identified more than 15,000 Christian families across Sub-Saharan Africa are facing starvation and violent persecution, with no other means of support. Will you stand with them and help them survive?

In many cases we are their only source of help.

Same as Indian Christians, they are often last in line for official coronavirus aid. Huge numbers lost their jobs when the pandemic came, and urgently need food. Will you help?

Every HK$310 could deliver urgent aid to a believer isolated by persecution and Covid-19 in Asia.

People are so desperate,” says Akash*, an Open Doors partner. “We provide them with food and people have tears in their eyes while receiving it, as if we are giving them a treasure.”

*Name changed for security reasons

*Any excess funds from this appeal will be used to support vital long term work for Christians facing high levels of persecution.