North Korean Christians choose to live dangerously for Jesus everyday.

Would you choose to strengthen them?

Imagine this.

You are North Korean. 12 years old. At school, your teachers tell you that Christianity is forbidden in your country, and the Bible is illegal. They also urge you to report to them if you find out anyone is guilty of either offences, even your family.

One day, you find a secret Bible at home while your parents are out. You think, “Wow. We’re all dead now.”

What would you choose?

Would you betray your parents to the authorities and see them sent to a labour camp?

Or would you listen to your parents’ side of the story, become a Christian, and be ready to die for your faith?

Sang-Hwa (pseudonym) chose to begin her own dangerous walk with Christ. She became a secret believer and joined the incredible underground church in North Korea.

Will you support and strengthen secret believers like Sang-Hwa today?

Your support is vital to help grow the faith of ordinary Christians who live in the most dangerous places on Earth: North Korea and the World Watch List Top Ten.

In North Korea, some 2-3 million people have died of hunger since the 1990s. There is no freedom to share the Bible, meet for fellowship or even think your own thoughts. Without the help of the worldwide family of God, the church in North Korea could starve – both physically and spiritually. 

Every HK$80 could provide a secret believer with a Bible to strengthen their faith.

Every HK$375 could provide a relief pack to help a North Korean family survive for 6 months.

*Please note that when the project is fully funded, your donation will go to where most needed.

“Thanks to your support, the secret believers experience that God loves them and provides in everything they need. What you do is so important for their survival.”

– Sang-Hwa