Urgent. Isolated believers under Covid-19 lock-down need your help.

Please act now.

Persecuted believers isolated by Covid-19 lock-down need your help.

Coronavirus is, of course, changing all of our lives, and we know that these will be difficult months for many of you. Can you imagine the impact of Covid-19 on our persecuted family, who were already persecuted, isolated and marginalised?

In some countries in Asia, many believers have lost their income due to lock-down and are already facing starvation. Pastors who don’t receive an offering, day laborers who aren’t hired, teachers whose schools are closed.

Often, they do not receive help from their families, communities and governments – neglected because of their faith. Tara*, who serves the Lord in a poor area of India told us:

“We don’t have enough to feed our children. I can’t watch them starve and we cannot go to our parents. Please, kindly do something to support the body of Christ.”

HK$310 could deliver urgent support to a believer isolated by persecution in Covid-19 lockdown.

In the Middle East, believers are already isolated and vulnerable. In Africa and Latin America we have yet to see the full impact of the crisis.

The good news is that local church – even secret churches – are distributing all they have to help during the crisis. And they’re desperate for more resources.

Our teams are doing everything possible to reach, encourage and strengthen the faith of the church in affected countries, both practically and spiritually. 

Covid-19 is already having a devasting impact on our own lives. But if you have the means, please be the answer to Tara’s cry for help today – give now to help provide critical resources like medicine, food relief, blankets, clothing and financial support during this crisis.

*Name changed for security reason

*Any excess funds from this appeal will be used to support vital long term work for Christians facing high levels of persecution.

Bring hope and healing to Christians in Nigeria

“I was so traumatised; my husband is gone, and Boko Haram had captured our village. We had nothing except the clothes on our body.”

As a Christian, Rikiya was targeted by extremists.
As a widow, she faced social exclusion.
As a mother, she needed to provide for her children.

Rikiya’s husband fell ill and after two days he died. For Rikiya, the sudden loss of her husband was only the beginning.

Just one month later, she found herself hiding with her children in a primary school as bullets flew over their heads. Islamic extremists Boko Haram were attacking her village, burning her home, and leaving them with nothing.

When Rikiya returned home, traumatized, all she could do was build a small shelter out of burnt metal from the rubble.

As a widow, she faced exclusion from her community. You might expect a bereaved mother to find compassion and help, but in Nigeria, a widow’s  social status is very low. And a Christian widow is often vulnerable on two counts – her gender and her faith.

We find Rikiya’s story hard to hear. But with the help of faithful supporter, Open Doors is able to help her. She has received trauma counselling as well as a microloan to buy two goats. The goats give birth to two kids every season, which Rikiya can sell to pay for food, crops or schooling.

Could you give to bring hope and healing back to traumatized women like Rikiya? 

Rikiya has begun the long road to recovery – and many like her face this same hard journey. With your support and prayers, they won’t  have to make that journey alone, without hope. Rikiya says:

“All of this has made me closer to God than I have ever been… You are the ones who brought hope and healing back to me.”

We believe, with your support today, we can see change. We can help Christians like Rikiya to make peace with their trauma and build a new life for their families, secure in their knowledge of God’s love for them.

Thanks to the support of people like you, Open Doors’ Trauma Centre, opened its doors officially in March 2019. It is specially set up for Christians in Nigeria who have suffered all sorts of trauma and persecution, and provides a temporary respite and place of healing for them. The Centre also trains the Nigerian church to provide trauma care for their people. 

Every HK$540 could provide trauma care and long term spiritual healing for a Nigerian woman who has suffered violent persecution.

*Please note that when the project is fully funded, your donation will go to where most needed.

North Korean Christians choose to live dangerously for Jesus everyday.

Will you choose to strengthen them?

This project has been fully funded.

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