Donation FAQs

Can I receive a tax receipt for my donations?

Open Doors Hong Kong Limited is a tax-exempt charity (under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance).  Accumulated donations of HK$100 or above are tax deductible with a receipt in Hong Kong.

Please fill in this donation form for issue of official receipt.  Open Doors regrets that we cannot provide official receipts to donors who fail to provide either their name or address/email.

Can the name on the receipt be different from the donor's name?

Yes, when you make the donation, please specify on the donation form the name on receipt.

When will I get my receipt?

Annual receipts will be issued every April in order to save administrative costs. If you would like another arrangement, please indicate when donating. 

How many years do I need to retain my receipt(s) for to substantiate my claims for tax relief?

6 years (after the expiration of the year of assessment in which the donations were made). You are required to produce receipts for the IRD’s examination if your case is selected for review.

Will I be charged with an additional fee by the financial institution if I donate with a credit card or PayPal?

You may have to pay a small currency exchange fee and/or a setup fee. Please ask your bank or Paypal for details. 

If I set up or change my Bank Direct Debit Authorization, will my bank charge me any service fees?

A set up or amendment service fee may apply.  Please check with your bank for more details.

How can I terminate or change my monthly donation auto debit instruction?

Please contact your bank to arrange.