International Day of Prayer for Persecuted Christians (IDOP)

The church in Syria and Iraq has remained a visible hope during persecution, war, economic crisis – and now the pandemic. They cannot stand alone. Will you stand with them?


Date: 15 November 2020 (or at a time most suitable for you)

Format: In your personal prayer time, your prayer group, cell group, or church service

Content: Sign up for IDOP using the form below and we will send you the resource pack. There will be stories from Iraq and Syria, things you can pray for, as well as information on you can further support the church there in the pack.

Click here for IDOP resources in 繁體中文  or  简体中文

I want to take part in IDOP
Fill in the form below if you would like to take part in IDOP and join us in praying for our persecuted family. We will send you a resource pack with information on who and what you can pray for.


What is IDOP?

Short for International Day of Prayer, IDOP is an annual day for prayer for persecuted Christians. Each year in November, Christians around the world set aside a day to remember and pray for our brothers and sisters who are suffering for their faith in Christ. 

How do I run IDOP?

We encourage you to gather your small group, prayer group, or church to pray together for our suffering brothers and sisters. After you’ve registered for IDOP, you will be able to download an IDOP resource pack out together by us, which has stories, videos and prayer points.

Can I run IDOP on a different day?

Sure you can! Choose any day in November that works for you, your church or small group to pray.

Can I continue praying for the persecuted church after IDOP?

Of course! Sign up here for stories and prayer updates from the persecuted church.