When she was very young, Ethiopian girl Marta was given to the witchdoctor in her village in exchange for ‘spiritual protection’ for her family. They followed what is called folk Islam – a mixture of Islam and traditional African belief.

To say that it was a difficult time for her is an understatement. To this day, Marta is unable to speak of her suffering during that time without breaking into heart-wrenching sobs.

While she was still living with the witchdoctor, Marta’s aunt who was a Christian visited her often, making a point to tell Marta about the gospel. In time, Marta committed her life to Christ.

When she reached her mid-teens, Marta was finally able to escape the clutches of the witchdoctor and went to live with her aunt in the capital, Addis Ababa.

She took every opportunity to tell her Muslim family about her new faith, even though they did not seem to welcome it at first. But after some time, Marta’s entire family came to believe in Christ, except for her father who left as a result and has not been seen since.

A blend of sorrow and joy seem to be inside Marta as she tries to deal with the trauma from her childhood, and at the same time, is secure and content in Christ.

Write to Marta and let her know that her family in Christ is praying for her and walking with her on her journey to recovery.

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