Extremist religious groups have held rallies across India protesting conversions from Hinduism.

Despite Christian converts saying they haven’t been forced to follow Jesus, the protestors marched against the “forced” conversions anyway. Some even threatened violence.

One speaker told the crowd, “Conversion is taking place and our people are being forced to change religion. The police never took action against those people who are carrying out conversion activities, but now we are not going to tolerate this. If the police are not doing their duty, we will fill in and do our duty.”

Another said, “If anyone is caught carrying out conversions, they would be dragged out of the house and beaten.”

Several Indian states already have anti-conversion laws that are abused to target Christian converts.

Believers are afraid, but they are ready to follow Jesus, no matter the cost. Will you join us in praying over India today? 

Pray For India: 

  • Praise God for the faith of new Indian believers. Pray they will keep their eyes firmly on Him.
  • Pray that Christians across India will continue following Jesus despite the pressure.
  • Pray that God will move in the hearts of Hindu extremists. Pray that they will come to know Him.


Although defeated, but not to death!

Every HK$155  can provide emergency relief assistance to a victim of violence or a believer who has lost his livelihood to survive the epidemic.

Every HK$550  can provide a leader with training on how to organize a “survival persecution seminar”.

Every HK$2,300  can help a believer who has lost his livelihood to start a small business.