Chalpona* persecuted by her 2 sons

Dear prayer warriors, again we must ask your prayer support for our persecuted sisters. It’s difficult to see how many women got in trouble across the world because of their faith in Jesus. Their family and community are totally not accepting this. And they even beat, abduct our beloved sisters.

Central Asia: Chalpona does not want to spoil her sons’reputation

Chalpona is the only Christian believer in her family. Few days ago her two adult sons came to her house and fought very hard with her and told her to renounce her faith in Jesus. And, not to reach out to others with the Gospel.

Her sons are working in the higher government and don’t want to spoil their reputation. This is happening a lot that believers of Jesus Christ must undergo all sorts of persecution by their close relatives.

She loves her children very much, she told them that if they worry about what people will say about their mother, tell them that they don’t know this woman. How difficult to say this for a mother!!

After this, they went away and smashed some things in her house. Chalpona did cry very much and still she feels very sad.

Egypt: A youngster not returning home from supermarket

Thank God for the unexpected release of 19-year-old from Egypt who was kidnapped and forced to convert a few weeks ago. She is an active Christian and a Sunday school teacher in her church.

For sensitivity reasons we don’t mention her name and the exact dates.

At the beginning of February, the youngster hadn’t returned from a trip to the supermarket. And while the police knew her whereabouts, they refused to return the young woman to her family.

5 days after the kidnap pictures of a certificate stating the youngster’s ‘conversion’ were spread through social media. Knowing their family member and her faith, the family knew she had to be forced to do this.

They kept praying for the release of their beloved daughter and sister.

What happened exactly is unclear, but higher officials intervened and yesterday the young woman was brought back to her family.

Please pray for the young lady as she has been treated badly during her period away from her family.

These are the stories of millions of Christian women around the world. They are persecuted because of your faith – and especially vulnerable because of your gender. Keep praying and help them fulfil their God-given potential, and empower the church and beyond.

*Name changed for security reasons


  • Pray for the Egyptian youngster to recover and find strength in her faith.
  • Pray for her community to take care of her with love and not stigmatize her.
  • Pray for strength and protection for Chalpona.
  • Pray that her sons will accept their mother’s faith and the family ties will be stronger than what people think of them.
  • Pray that Gods love for Chalpona’s sons will be stronger than fear.

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