You’ve provided vital relief aid for thousands of believers in Indonesia gravely affected by the pandemic

Indonesia has become the epicentre of the pandemic in Asia. It reached high as over 50,000 daily cases, with more than 1,300 deaths a day. Restrictions have been implemented which are having a huge impact on people’s lives. Thankfully, your generosity is ensuring vital aid is getting to thousands of Christians. Open Doors local partners have been distributing relief aid to thousands of Christians. 

Indonesia is number 47 of the Open Doors World Watch List of countries where it’s hardest to follow Jesus. Life for the country’s Christians has deteriorated in recent years, with Indonesian society taking on a more conservative Islamic character, which puts added pressure on Christians. The last year has also seen three terrorist attacks on churches in the country. The hardships caused by Covid-19 have given believers – and the Open Doors local partners who serve them – another huge challenge to overcome. 

Easing burdens through provision of aid

“Thank you, Open Doors, for this aid,” Warto Mukio and his wife share. “This is a great help to us in this difficult time. We can’t repay your kindness.”

“I do not know if I can survive without this help”-YAH

“I don’t know if I can survive without this help,” Yah says. “Life is very difficult these days. I feel very blessed. May God repay Open Doors’ kindness.” 

“I was really happy when I heard there was a relief distribution,” Tumiyem says. “This is really a blessing to me and a great help to me and my family. May God always bless Open Doors to help people like me.”

“The relief is provided periodically and comprehensively,” explains an Open Doors local partner. “Even though the aid will not solve their economic problems, hopefully it can ease their burden during this.”

Local partners hit by Covid-19

The task of getting aid to families has been made more challenging with Open Doors local partners being infected by Covid-19. 

One partner, Ari – whose name we’ve changed for security reasons – had the virus but now his children have it. “My wife and I are negative, but our three children are still positive,” he says. “We live in separate floors at home and we use masks all the time.” 

Two other local partners have also been infected. One of them had to be hospitalised. Thankfully, both are in recovery. 


  • Give thanks that vital aid has reached thousands of believers in Indonesia
  • For healing for Open Doors partners and family members suffering from Covid-19, and for continued strength, wisdom and protection for partners as they serve Christians
  • That Covid-19 will stop spreading in Indonesia. 

Covid-19 Relief Fund

Every HK$650 could give urgent Covid relief aid and help with medical costs to a victim of violence or a believer who has lost their livelihood through the pandemic.