Help persecuted women like Simin know their value in Christ.

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No Woman Is Worthless

Persecution made Simin* feel worthless. And she’s not alone. Across the Middle East, the value of Christian women is under attack.

You can help our persecuted sisters fulfil their God-given potential.

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Be light in the darkness

Ji Ho was a girl when North Korean security agents found a Bible wrapped in plastic, buried in the back garden. “My father and I sobbed,” Ji Ho remembers. “We knew we’d never see each other again.”

But you and I know, even in the darkest places, God cannot be silenced.

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Arise Africa

You might find it shocking to know what’s happening in Sub-Saharan Africa. Christians are being murdered, raped and kidnapped on a scale not seen before.

The survival of the church is at risk – unless we act, today.

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