Tributes to Brother Andrew

"The greatest impact that Brother Andrew had on my life was his tremendous love and commitment to the Word of God. During my many years of travelling together with him, I was always challenged by how Andrew was ‘a man of one Book’, the Bible. He did not just read a few verses; he read many chapters every day. Often we would discuss what we read in our devotions during our (very) early morning walks together. He showed me the importance of spending time reading God’s precious Word every day. When I think of Brother Andrew, two other things come to mind. One, he was a pioneer, always looking for new and unique things. Second, he was a prophet. Many times he shared thoughts and ideas that we could not ‘place’, but years later we discovered that he was ‘way ahead’ of us. Brother Andrew always liked to do unique, often impossible things. If a project was possible he was not interested. Everybody can do that he would often say. However, when he heard the word IMPOSSIBLE he was very excited."

Founding President, Open Doors International

"In 1974 I was given a copy of “God’s Smuggler” that would not only play a significant role in my life, but also in the lives of many of my generation.  What has impacted me to this day was the simplicity of this book’s message: “Christ in you is the hope of glory.” It was about presence and not program; patience and not persistence; priorities and not politics. It was about believing that Jesus was really enough. It would form my worldview as a follower of Jesus.  My favorite quote is: “ Why tiptoe through life, to arrive at death, safely.”  The author is unknown, but I know one who lived this way and his name was Andrew."

Northwest Network Foundation and former Board Member OD USA

"Brother Andrew is one of my big heroes of faith. When Gaza was under siege  and  many were leaving to  escape the danger, we found Brother Andrew in our midst seeking to encourage the persecuted church in Gaza. When I and my wife were forcefully  separated for ten months because of the difficult situation Gaza , he was one  of the first people who  came specially  to our home to welcome her back. When  no Christians  were willing to speak to the leaders of Hamas in Gaza, Brother Andrew was the first person to do this without compromising his faith. I heard him say to one of the leaders in Hamas that everyone needs to know Christ. I will never forget when the Islamic Jihad was targeted by Israel and Brother Andrew was not afraid to go visit them and reflect God’s love to them. His love said that if we did not go to them with Christ’s love they would come at us with their weapons. He gained the right to speak to them because of his  genuine care and love for all people."

Pastor of Gaza Baptist Church for 12 years and founder of Christian Mission to Gaza 

"Brother Andrew was my hero for more than 40 years. We travelled in ministry together on 5 continents. He was one of the most courageous, godly, visionary leaders I know... I loved this brother deeply in the Lord. We never had a cross word, but I only received words of blessing and encouragement. I have been taught by this man of great spiritual depth through his words, his deeds and his life."

Founder of YWAM

"Brother Andrew will always be a hero of the faith for me. From the first time I saw him on television in the 1970s to my last visit to his office in the Netherlands, he remained the same humble, funny, prayerful, radical model of simple obedience to the Master. How could he have known that his willingness to travel behind the Iron Curtain in 1955 would change so many lives, including my own? It’s a lesson to us all: Follow Jesus. Be faithful. He will build His church, even in the most difficult areas, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it. And we have the privilege of partnering with Him in it all. Thanks for showing the way, Brother Andrew."

Former CEO of Open Doors International
Currently chief of staff, Open Doors USA
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