Story Afghanistan | 14-9-2023

The Real Cost of Following Jesus in Afghanistan


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It’s rare we’re given the chance to hear from Afghan Christians. It’s even rarer that we get to hear from an Afghan believer who still lives inside Afghanistan. A partner of Open Doors recently sent us this story from Afghanistan, and it shows the challenges and danger that Afghan believers live with every day because they’re seen as traitors to their family, tribe and nation for their decision to leave Islam and follow Jesus. The story is hard … but it is true and important for us to grapple with as we pray for Afghan Christians. As we get this rare glimpse at life inside Afghanistan, take a moment to lift up your sister Yasaman in prayer—along with the small remnant of Afghan Christians who risk their lives to follow Jesus in Afghanistan.

“My name is Yasaman*, and I want to share my story with you. 

“I got married 11 years ago and have five children ranging in age from 10 years old to one-and-a-half. My husband, a teacher in one of the provinces, embraced Jesus two-and-a-half years ago. He always tried to share his faith with me, but I was initially uninterested and often argued with him. Our relationship grew strained, and I even contemplated divorce, taking our children to my father’s house. 

“One night, I had a dream in which someone asked if I had read the Bible. This dream deeply affected me, prompting me to ask my husband for a Bible so I could make an informed decision. When my husband came to take me back home [from my father’s house], I requested the book from him. After reading it, I experienced a profound change within me, feeling a new energy and embracing faith. From that moment on, my husband and I lived a loving life together. 

“Our home was located near a mosque, and some people grew suspicious of my husband’s [Christian] activities. Early one morning, as he went to buy bread, two people followed him. He was attacked and killed near our home. I was devastated and felt alone and weak. However, a fellow believer and his family came to visit, providing spiritual support and encouraging me to continue my husband’s work in God’s path. I found solace in their support, and my faith grew stronger. I started sharing the gospel with others. 

“Now, I am raising my children alone. A few fellow believers offer financial assistance, which covers our food expenses, but little else. I need to consider my children’s future and pray for guidance.”

*name changed for security purposes
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please pray
  • Pray that she will be able to find a way to provide for her family and become financially independent.
  • Pray that God will give her wisdom and knowledge to teach others about Jesus. 
  • Pray that God will grow the church in this area, protecting new believers and giving hope to many.
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