Story Egypt | 21-11-2023

The Unjust Plight of Farid and His Family in Upper Egypt


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In Upper Egypt, being a Christian means living with constant vigilance.

Trying to mind your own business, working diligently to support your family, and even accepting that your hard-earned university degree can only be used some day in the future, is not enough sometimes to live in peace. It seems that a trap is set where you least expect it.

Amid these challenges, Farid got married and recently became a father. He is an active and beloved member of the church. In his small shop, he serves his clients with a warm smile, doing his best to meet their needs. But evil doesn't rest until it disrupts everyone's peace. Unexpectedly, Farid found himself accused by some Muslims in his area of having an affair with one of his female Muslim customers. He was brutally attacked without a chance to defend himself.

Authorities investigated the woman and found no evidence of any such relationship in the past three months. Despite this, Farid was forced to close his shop and relocate with his wife and infant child to another village.

All of a sudden, he is now falsely accused of a heinous crime, separated from his parents and brothers in a strange place, and without the means to support his young family. His father, brothers, and the rest of the family live under constant threats, their business shuttered, and their ability to leave their home severely restricted.

Please pray for Farid and his family. We humbly request your prayers for the Muslims who accused Farid, that they may come to comprehend the harm they have caused. May the Lord fill their hearts with mercy and a sense of justice.
please pray
  • Please pray for justice for Farid and that the truth may be revealed, allowing him to return to his home and his shop.
  • Let us also beseech the Lord to grant Farid and his family strength, patience, and perseverance during these trying times.
  • We offer our prayers for our brothers and sisters in Upper Egypt who are denied their right to live in peace.
  • For the Muslims who accused Farid, may the Lord fill their hearts with mercy and a sense of justice.
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