Prayer Palestinian Territories | 9-11-2023

Keep praying for Gaza and Israel, one month on


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Please pray for all caught up in the ongoing violence in Israel and Gaza. Believers in the region share some ways to pray.

It’s now one month since conflict began in Gaza/Israel, following the Hamas attack on Israel on 7 October. War continues to rage, and the church in Gaza and in Israel are asking for your continuing prayers.

Thousands of people have been killed in the attacks on Gaza, and the death toll in Israel is around 1,400, while some 240 people are being held hostage by Hamas. Many more have lost their homes and belongings. The majority of those killed in Israel and in Gaza are civilians.

Bible Society directors ask for prayer

Bible Society director Victor Kalisher, who is based in Jerusalem, leads a team distributing Bibles, Bible-based resources and humanitarian aid. Bible-based resources recently developed for the growing local church are now being read and asked for by many more people, he shares: “We see how much-needed these resources are, especially now that people go through very difficult and frightening times, especially for young people and children.”

Nashat Filmon, also a Bible Society director, adds that ‘there was no refuge’ for Christians in the Gaza strip. The thousand-strong Christian community there is taking shelter in two churches in the territory. Eighteen Christians were killed when part of the Greek Orthodox Church in Gaza City was hit during a bombardment on 20 October. Another Christian died some days later in the south of the Gaza strip. “For Christians, including our staff, there is nowhere else to go,” said Nashat. “They will not leave. These days are very tough. We are praying may God have mercy and help us to give hope to others. That is our prayer.”

The Bible Society office in Gaza was damaged during an air strike and, in Tel Aviv, a rocket fell 100 metres from the Bible Society shop, also causing considerable damage. In both situations, Kalisher and Filmon say that they are relying on God.

Please keep praying for all those caught up in this conflict, including our Christian brothers and sisters in Gaza, on the West Bank and in Israel.

Father God, I echo Nashat Filmon’s prayer that, in Your mercy, You enable Christians caught up in this conflict to give hope to others. Use Your church to be the light of Christ in the darkness, and bring peace and reconciliation to this region. Please give your strength and encouragement to those who are mourning, injured or fearful. Amen.

please pray

Sovereign God, I pray for peace in Israel and Gaza – for an end to hostilities and for peacemakers on both sides. Comfort all who mourn and all who are waiting to hear news of missing loved ones. Give boldness and compassion to Christians on both sides to shine the light of Christ in their communities, and equip national and international leaders with wisdom. May Your will be done, and may Your loving kindness be evident to all. Amen.

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