Prayer Africa | 4-7-2023

How to pray for Christians facing violent persecution in sub-Saharan Africa


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The church in sub-Saharan Africa are asking for their global church family to pray for them as they face escalating violent persecution across the region. In Nigeria, more than 13 Christians on average are killed every day for their faith. Violence is spreading throughout nearby countries too. You can stand up to this persecution by standing with our brothers and sisters in prayer.


"I’d like to thank all those who supported us in prayer. You helped us to carry our burden."

Fati*, Burkina Faso
Below is eight days of prayer points you can use - individually, or with your prayer group or in church. We also have a prayer guide you can download and pray through - ARISE AFRICA Week of Prayer. Thank you.
Day 1
More Christians were killed for their faith last year in sub-Saharan Africa than in the rest of the world combined. The African church is asking us to stand with them against this shocking violence. Pray that the Arise Africa campaign will awaken and unite the global church in prayer and action, so that Christians in sub-Saharan Africa will be strengthened to remain courageous witnesses to Jesus.
Day 2
Jihadist groups are active in an increasing number of countries in the region. Their reign of terror has a devastating impact, with governments unable to provide security. Pray for leaders and governments, for wisdom to secure their nations and provide an environment where citizens are safe.
Day 3
The church in sub-Saharan Africa has the largest number of under 25s in the world - and there is an unprecedented onslaught against them. Pray that these young people will be filled with hope and faith that their future remains secure in God.
Day 4
Pray for the jihadists and militants who are persecuting Christians. Ask the Lord to turn their hearts away from hatred and violence and pray that they will encounter the perfect love of Jesus. 
Day 5
Violent persecution is especially devastating for young people, and puts their future in jeopardy. Pray that young people will hold firm to their faith. “I want my fellow Christians to pray that we will live lives that glorify God,” says Ayuba. “Also, pray for us here in Nigeria experiencing terrorism. Pray with us that God will bring an end to it.”
Day 6
Christians face increasing targeting by jihadists. People are being killed and churches destroyed. Pray for protection for Christians and their leaders facing these dangers. Pray for grace to continue living out the gospel as they face increased persecution.
Day 7
The church in northern Mali has not yet recovered from the Islamic extremist uprising in 2021, which displaced thousands. Although some Christians have returned to the north under police protection, they still live under the threat of attack. Ask the Lord to protect and provide for His church, and pray that Christians will have courage to keep sharing Christ with those around them. 
Day 8
Open Doors partners are serving Christians across the region with relief aid, trauma care, training and livelihood support. Pray for continued strength for their work, and ask God to work through them to help persecuted believers become resilient, resourceful, and powerful in their witness for Christ.

*Name changed for security reasons


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