News Somalia | 13-10-2020

‘Whoever Dares To Spread Christianity …’ — Police Arrest Christians In Somaliland


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(Representative photo is used to protect identity)

Our field has shared a rare report from Somaliland (considered to be part of Somalia). A Christian couple has been arrested for spreading Christianity—spurring local police to bring threats against believers and even encourage citizens to report anyone spreading Christianity.

After being alerted of “suspicious activities,” police came to the house of the couple where they found Christian materials and made arrests.

According to Middle East Concern, during a press conference on October 5, a Somaliland police colonel stated that two individuals had been arrested for apostasy (leaving a religion) and for being “evangelists spreading Christianity.” The couple has three children. The case is scheduled to be forwarded to the relevant court.

In the press conference, the police colonel threatened that, “whoever dares to spread Christianity in this region should be fully aware that they won’t escape the hand of law enforcement officers, and that the spread of Christianity will not be allowed and is considered blasphemy.”

The local Christian community has reacted to the arrest and detention of the couple in great fear, with many believers fleeing the region.

Pray with Somaliland believers


  • Please pray the detained couple and their three children will experience God’s closeness, peace and comfort and for them to be released soon.
  • Pray for those who fled the country to be filled with God’s strength and wisdom as they choose if/when they will return.
  • Pray the local Christian community will be strong, courageous and overcome their fear by pressing into Christ.
  • Pray country church leadership has wisdom on how to handle this situation and that they would be able to continue their ministry without government interference.

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