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About Open Doors

Open Doors is a Christian ministry, providing Bibles, training, and practical helps to strengthen the persecuted church.

Because Open Doors works with indigenous Christians, and as a result of our longstanding underground network, the sources of our information are almost always directly from the field, based on eyewitness accounts from our contacts.

In addition, we refer to news reports published in the countries where the events have taken place, and news services including World Watch Monitor News Service, which reports on Christian persecution exclusively. 

It is our policy that the church determines the need, and together with them, we try to find answers to their needs.

Every country has different needs and every church has its own unique struggles. We are careful not to push our own agenda on the church.

If a pastor needs a pulpit, we help supply that. If they request Bibles, we are quick to provide what we can. We have also helped with economic relief, rebuilding of destroyed churches and whatever else our brothers and sisters have requested. 

Most of the work Open Doors does takes place in non-English speaking countries, so the Bibles we distribute are most often in other languages.

Our training varies, depending on the country and depending on the need of Christians in that country.

For example, in several countries in Africa, we concentrate on building up church leaders, most of whom have little or no previous pastoral training. The training is done for one week each month, for ten months. The course is completed in three years with the emphasis on faithful men who are able to teach others.

It is unique and valuable because it was developed locally, and students are not taken out of their community during their schooling. They stay in touch with their real world and apply teachings immediately. Fellowship is possible between pastors and students, and tutors are also local residents who are in touch with the real needs of the students.

In countries where training must be absolutely secret, seminars are arranged for several days, and everyone stays in seclusion for the entire time. Again, these training courses and seminars vary according to the country, but we have taught on topics such as “The Faithful Pastor,” “The Kingdom of God,” “Christian Leadership,” and “Preaching and Teaching.”

One of our most powerful seminars is “Standing Strong Through the Storm”. It seeks to teach Christians living in high-risk areas how to thrive under severe persecution and suffering.

Yes. Open Doors was set up by Brother Andrew in 1955. That was when he began smuggling Bibles into Eastern European countries that were part of the Communist bloc then. 

We work through local partners, churches, and believers to serve the persecuted church in over 60 countries. We build long-term relationships with the locals who advise us on the needs of the believers as they know their own communities the best. We will also assess if the local church needs to be strengthened, and whether or not the gospel is shared.

We are actively serving persecuted Christians in over 60 countries. At the same time, we also have offices in more than 20 countries to be a voice for the persecuted church.

Every year, Open Doors publishes the World Watch List, a ranking of 50 countries where it is the most dangerous to follow Jesus.

We believe that we have a specific role in the kingdom of God, and in order to accomplish our mission, working in cooperation with churches and other Christian organisation is a must. 

No. We are a para-church organisation. We define Christians as anyone who professes the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Almost all of our funds are received from the donation of churches and individuals. God uses His people to support His people.

Open Doors Hong Kong Limited is a charitable institutions, which are exempt from tax under section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance (IR File No. 91/15048). We produce an annual budget which is approved by Open Doors International, and we report our progress monthly. Our accounts are audited annually by an independent firm of auditors. Our Annual Review is available on our website and full audited accounts are available on request.

About donations

Please remit your donation to:
Beneficiary: Open Doors Hong Kong Limited
Account Number:  124-519-091-838
Bank Name: HSBC HK
Bank Address: 1 Queen’s Road Central, Hong Kong

For assistance, please contact us at Tel:  852-3525 0820 or WhatsApp: 852-5608 8729.

Our online transactions are in Hong Kong Dollars.  Please type in the amount in HK$, your card issuer will do the conversion for you.

Open Doors is an international ministry that supports persecuted Christians in a variety of ways. Each year, our field team will plan projects for the persecuted church, according to their greatest needs.

Please see the options from the “Project” listed on the One-time Donation page. However, when the specified project has been fully funded, we will direct the donations to where they are most needed.

Donations made to Open Doors Hong Kong are not refundable. If you have any questions, please contact us at

Yes you will. Simply indicate that you would like an electronic or printed receipt when filling in the donation form and we will send you an official receipt.  (Tax-exempt Charities – IR File Number:91/15048)

Please note that we are unable to provide official receipts to donors who fail to provide their name and address/email.

Yes, when you make the donation, please specify on the donation form the desired name to be on the receipt.

If an “Official Receipt” is required for tax filing, accounting, record keeping or other purposes, an One-time Receipt or Annual Receipt will be issued in accordance with donor’s instruction.

One-time Donations
Online donation:  Donor will receive an “Acknowledgement Receipt of Payment” email.  If an “Official Receipt” is requested, the receipt will be issued in 3-15 working days.
Offline donation:  If an “Official Receipt” is requested, the receipt will be issued in 3-15 working days.

Monthly Donations
Annual Official Receipts will be issued in order to save administrative costs. If another arrangement is required, please indicate when you donate OR contact us (
Time of issuance - Hong Kong donations: April; Taiwan donations: January

Open Doors Hong Kong Limited is a tax-exempt charity (under Section 88 of the Inland Revenue Ordinance; IR File Number:91/15048). Accumulated donations of HK$100 or above with an official receipt are tax deductible in Hong Kong. 

The aggregate deduction of approved charitable donations cannot be less than $100. The aggregate deduction shall not exceed 35% of your income after allowable expenses and depreciation allowances or assessable profits.

6 years (after the expiration of the year of assessment in which the donations were made). You are required to produce official receipt(s) for the HK IRD’s examination if your case is selected for review.

You may have to pay a small currency exchange fee and/or a setup fee. Please ask your bank or Paypal for details.

A set up or amendment service fee may apply.  Please check with your bank for more details.

Please contact us ( or your bank to arrange.