News Kenya | 7-5-2021

Ayaan’s message of courage to mothers everywhere


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Ayaan in Kenya had her business destroyed - but kept her faith

Courage. Forgiveness. Perseverance. Hope. Qualities mothers all around the world need every day, wherever they are.

And none more than Ayaan, a single mother of four who lives in Nairobi’s densely populated and Muslim-dominated Kiamaiko settlement.

One day, during a Ramadan, she discovered that the small roadside café she runs had been destroyed by her Muslim neighbours.

“I was heartbroken,” she says. “And afraid I would not be able to support my children. They broke my utensils, tables and benches, stole my gas cooker, food and money. My future looked bleak.”

Ayaan decided that her first response was to follow Jesus and forgive those who had wrecked her café.

“When I became a believer, I was taught to be like Christ. I should live like Him, love and forgive like Him, that way I am a testimony of who He is.”

“But my faith in God kept me hopeful, I knew the Lord would fight for me.”

She has started her business again and is once again providing her children with food to eat and the money to go to school.

Open Doors works with thousands of mothers all around the world, who face challenges every day in bringing up their children in regions where Christians face great pressure for daring to follow Jesus. With your help, Open Doors partners help mothers with business support, food aid, trauma counselling and just knowing that they are not alone or forgotten.

The Covid pandemic

The Covid pandemic has made life even harder for many of these courageous women. But like so many mothers, Aayan is helping her children as best she can.

“I am illiterate, I cannot read the Bible and since we are unable to attend the church because of the coronavirus pandemic, I gather my children every Sunday morning for house church. We sing and my children read from our Bible, we use this time to encourage each other.”

Ayaan has a special message for our supporters, “To mothers and guardians out there, you are doing a good job! May your children grow in the light of God, happy Mother’s Day.”

A prayer for the mothers of the persecuted church

 Lord Jesus,

You, who became human through a woman,

We pray for all mothers in places where it is hard to follow you.

Grant them courage and hope,

Help them to face the uncertain future with certain faith,

Help them to show Your love to husbands, family, friends – and most of all to their children.

Give them joy and delight in the good times,

And comfort and peace, in times of challenge.

May they have wisdom to share with their children,

and hope to share with all they meet.

Be with them Lord, we pray.



Today, please remember the mothers of the persecuted church

  • Remember those who must struggle on their own. Those whose husbands have been killed, or jailed, or who must live far apart. Pray for comfort and strength
  • Remember those mothers who themselves have been imprisoned for their faith, and who cannot care for their families. Pray for endurance and hope
  • Remember those who face opposition from their own families for their faith. Those whose husbands or family do not want them to follow Christ. Pray for faithfulness and courage.

Every HK$300 could provide and deliver emergency aid for two persecuted believers impacted by the Covid-19 crisis