Prayer East and Southern Africa | 27-4-2021

This Ramadan, Join Us In Prayer For Sister Fatou and Hubba


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Ramadan is a time of heightened tension and loneliness for Christians across Sub-Sahara Africa. But Ramadan is also a time of heightened spiritual awareness for Muslims. In 2018 a local sheikh in north-eastern Kenya admitted to a security briefing that certain radical Muslims believed “attacks made during Ramadan have greater reward.”

A church leader in eastern Kenya once told OD, “We see increased fear among Christians during Ramadan…people have started staying home, no longer moving around as freely as before. This is also affecting church attendance as many stay away out of fear of attacks. Christian businesspeople, particularly those who have small eateries, lose much because they are forced to close during the day, or their non-Muslim clientele opt to keep away for fear of targeted attacks.”

Join us in prayer for two sisters across Sub Saharan Africa to remain firm in the faith amid pressure.

Pray for Fatou from Ivory Coast

Fatou\'s* husband, Guindo, is a devout Muslim and tries to obey the Quran and the Hadiths to the best of his ability. But his devotion has not had the expected results. When Fatou started suffering from a strange illness, no medical doctor or traditional healer could help. At ropes end, Guindo decided to take Fatou to a pastor for prayer, hoping that the God of Christians would extend his grace to her in healing.

After he assured the pastor that this was truly what he wanted for Fatou, the pastor proceeded to pray. Fatou was healed and afterwards she surrendered her life to Jesus. But this was a development Guindo did not expect and as a staunch Muslim, could not tolerate. However, no amount of debating could convince Fatou to return to Islam. Now Guindo regularly and brutally beats her – something the Quran condones.

Fatou has stayed with Guindo and takes the beatings patiently for the sake of the Gospel and her children. She has one request only: “Pray for my husband\'s salvation.”

Join Fatou in praying that this Ramadan Guindo will find Christ.

Pray for Hubba from Kenya

Hubba is a girl in her early teens. She and her family live in a very remote part of Muslim dominated northern Kenya. Her family has been Christians for less than two years, and in their vicinity, there is not a single other Christian family.

Last year, during an important Muslim celebration, a neighbour invited Hubba\'s family to a meal. Her parents couldn\'t go, but they allowed Hubba to go. Sadly, a young man in that family used the opportunity to rape Hubba. Thankfully, when she shouted, neighbors came to her rescue. The young man tried to run away but was caught.

Afterwards community elders tried to get Hubba to marry the perpetrator. Apart from the horror of such a scenario, her parents knew she would be expected to become a Muslim, and they resisted the pressure.

The young man has been arrested and is awaiting trial. OD has provided legal support and helped broker emotional support to Hubba, who is still on the road to recovery. 

Please pray for the Lord\'s continued healing work in Hubba\'s life. Pray that she may come to know Him as the God who is near to the broken-hearted. Thank the Lord for her mother Leah\'s strong faith and that she has remained determined throughout this trial. Pray that He will continue to strengthen her and give her wisdom as she helps her daughter grow.

*Name changed for security reasons

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